I’m not anti-christian, I’m anti-idiot

actually no, I’m anti-christian too

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    i’m anti-fundamental atheist

    Luke Magnifico

    @natedog: I am with Natedog.

    I am against people who won’t just shut the fuck up.

    Also, this picture is bad. I mean, considering the time it takes to import pictures and crop and things, that’s like 40 seconds work, maybe.


    Just to stir up the pot a bit. But posting or even making this pic doesn’t mean that you are an Atheist. Tiki could very well be Buddhist. But, I’m pretty sure that he looks more like a Buddha.


    :… yeah.. kinda hittin’ low there

    tiki god

    No, I’m an atheist.

    I’m also Anti-Christian too.

    and I eat babies


    @LukeV1-5: Agreed.

    So who is this man anyway? I mean the head in the picture.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Anti-atheist makes me laugh. Because obviously its all of those atheists who are passing laws trying to force people to conform to their religious ideas.


    Ex Presidential Hopeful Pat Roberston…
    OMG Imagine what the US would have been like with him at the White House….

    I gave up eating babies, too fattening…



    No, wait a sec…


    Praise the… Dawkins?


    @reboot: The problem is that many anti-theists like Dawkins criticise religion in the name of atheism. Even though atheism has no agenda of course. So when people say they’re anti-atheists, what they really mean is that they don’t agree with anti-theists.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @dieAntagonista: Why is that a “problem”? People are free to criticize, rant, preach and generally exercise their free speech. But when you start blowing up clinics, refusing to administer birth control, interfering with education, inhibiting scientific research and passing laws about how people can live their lives, then you’ve crossed the damn line. So as soon as Dawkins start burning churches or banning religion, then you’ll have a valid point.


    spirituality is not religion, christianity is not spirituality.
    Atheists are just as stupid as Christians.
    Prove to me that there is a God.
    Prove to me that there is no God.
    if you think you can prove either,
    then you just proved that you really don’t get it.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Prove to me that there is no Santa Claus.


    @reboot: You don’t see how it’s a problem when somebody starts redefining terms like atheism? Atheism which isn’t accepted by society the way it should be, anyway?
    What Dawkins does isn’t wrong because it’s radical. Expressing one’s thoughts can never be radical.
    Dawkins made a lot of people think that atheism and anti-theism is one and the same. I’d say that was one step back for all atheists.
    I’ve heard many atheists complain, about how since Dawkins became so well known, religious folk started tolerating atheists even less.


    Anti-atheism is the stupidest thing ever.

    You remember that episode of South Park where Puff Daddy had a “Vote or Die!” campaign? It’s exactly like that, except the non-voters are the atheists.

    Atheism isn’t participation or a belief, it’s the lack of.

    Kind of like how the number 0 is the lack of a quantity.

    Ah, fuck it. Tiki, let’s go get drunk and chow down on some unborn fetuses.


    I like Dawkins for one reason.

    He made me realize that being a silent athiest is a bad thing. I think athiests should really speak up, so that it is clear just how many of us their really are.

    Naturally this will piss off the religious who prefer to think that there are not many athiests and that they simply don’t count for much.

    I know a lot of silent athiests here in Germany who pay their church tax instead of cancelling it. I refuse to fund the German church system.


    @ack: I agree actually. That’s the only thing I like about him as well.
    I’m all for atheists speaking up.
    My neighbour, an elderly woman who is an atheist, never quit going to church and paying church taxes. But she’s very poor, so after she couldn’t manage to pay her taxes for a while, they came and robbed her. I mean.. took her belongings in the name of the law.


    @ack: @dieAntagonista: I agree that atheists should speak up. I think that atheists, as a group, will be the last to break through barriers to have equal rights. While we’re not required to pay into the church in the states and have freedom to practice whatever faith, there is still this pressure and expectation that each person believe in god, even if the flavor of religion surrounded that god differs (well, it’s not OK to be muslim right now). Atheist is responded to like a bad word in many situation… but I think that says a lot about the lack… Read more »

    tiki god

    actually, at least as atheists, we’re permitted to marry other people. IMHO the queers have it worse off then we do at the moment, if only because people are actively legislating against them


    @outofocus: Absolutely. What you said reminds me of this great quote, ‘If you don’t pray in my school, I won’t think in your church’. I think equality for atheists isn’t that unreachable anymore. Religion needs to be separated strictly from government, that should solve a lot of problems with injustice. @tiki god: Great point man. That’s one of the best arguments. If a theist has a problem with gay couples getting married, why is it ok for atheists to get married? And also, if they think it’s ok to ban gay marriage, why is it ok to get divorced? It’s… Read more »


    I think the biggest problem with Atheism is that the group is largely Anti-religion. Granted there are problems with Christianity. Tiki brought up a great point and Die offered a good rebuttal. I think the biggest thing working against atheists is that you have assholes like richard dawkins assuming that the religion itself is the problem. That is clearly not the case. Christianity like any belief system ( And yes atheism is a belief system) can be manipulated to serve ones own personal ideals. That’s how you get people like osama bin laden and jim jones. So you can’t hold… Read more »


    Yeah Richard Dawkins is a joke for the most part. I find it very amusing when anti-theists like him assume that religion is the root of all evil, yet at the same he thinks it’s all invented by humans.

    And I agree people should know the difference between atheism and anti-theism. The same way I don’t agree with taking certain rights away from a gay person, I can’t tolerate when a religious man is being ridiculed even though his beliefs mean no threat to any body.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    & dieAntagonista
    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that neither of you have actually read anything by Dawkins. He never says that religion is the root of all evil. He’s argument is that (a) God doesn’t exist (b) you don’t need religion to be moral (c) religion causes a lot of problems (hampering science, fostering bigotry, etc.). The world wouldn’t be perfect without religion, but it would be better.


    @reboot: Very nice, poor assumptions. I see potential for worshiping a nonexistent deity there. I have read The God Delusion. I think it’s a good read for theists, just to learn about the perspective on the world of an atheist. But I think it’s primitive and corrupting for atheists. So have you read any of his books? Because that’s exactly what he wrote. Let me ask you, we assume here no gods exist, and religion is created by man. Then how in the world can religion cause any thing? Or be the root of evil? The correct statement would be,… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Because that’s exactly what he wrote”
    You couldn’t be more wrong. God Delusion, page one, quote, “Religion is not the root of all evil, for no one thing can be the root of all anything”

    Alec Dalek

    I am beliefless


    So you are telling me that the rest of his analysis of theism doesn’t imply that? Even if he wrote that phrase prior to that.
    And if he doesn’t believe that that’s the case, then why did he agree to that documentary with that exact title?
    He’s either clueless what he’s talking about, or a liar.
    There are so many other great, genuine atheists. His entire work is not comparable to the genius of Nietzsche.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “So you are telling me that the rest of his analysis of theism doesn’t imply that?” No. “Root of all evil” implies that all of our problems are caused by religion. His analysis is that we would have fewer problems without religion. That’s two different things. “And if he doesn’t believe that that’s the case, then why did he agree to that documentary with that exact title?” Now I’m sure you haven’t read the God Delusion because the answer to that question is also in the book. “His entire work is not comparable to the genius of Nietzsche.” Which is… Read more »


    @ teh interwebs Santa does exist. So does God. and Pasta Monsters. Also God does not exist. You are not really reading this, you only perceive yourself to be doing so. Science is best. Science says this is it and it isn’t this, Depending on where and when and what and how you start from. But… either way; “Basically … out of all the ridiculous religion stories—which are greatly, wonderfully ridiculous—the silliest one I’ve ever heard is, “Yeah … there’s this big giant universe and it’s expanding, it’s all gonna collapse on itself and we’re all just here just ’cause… Read more »


    I’m not an atheist, a christian, or a Buddhist, or a muslim, or a wicket, or whatever the the hell else there is.
    I’m quite simply an “I-don’t-careist”.
    I just sit back and watch debates like this, while laughing, being fed grapes, and feeling immensely superior to anyone who actually bothers to form an opinion on “the god/religion question” until they are on their deathbed.
    Why? Because there are things way more fucking important than your spirituality. Like having sex. Or eating babies. Or drinking excessively. Or actually enjoying yourself.


    Don’t be so pretentious, I know that he explained how he didn’t agree with the title of that documentary.
    I judge him by his actions, rather than his words, I don’t think there’s any thing wrong with that.

    Nietzsche was a philosopher, that’s correct. So? Religion is a philosophy, or dogma, or whatever definition would warm your heart.

    Unfortunately I can’t say anything about The Selfish Gene or The Ancestor’s Tale, but I’m sure those books haven’t changed not even half as many lives as The Gay Science has.


    I got about halfway through God delusion before i put it down. It all came off as philosophical masturbation to me. I’ve watched many of his lectures and speeches and every single time i just get more pissed off at the guy. Whenever he is asked “what if you are wrong?” he more or less proceeds to call the person who asked it a product of religious culture and that the only reason they ask such ” silly” questions is because they are brainwashed. I just do not like that guy. Don’t get me wrong i have no problem with… Read more »


    Aww, isn’t it cute?!? An Internet argument!!





    @thelotuseater725: I’m an atheist by default, I guess. I was brought up, almost literally, having no clue about religion and/or god(s), except as written in mythology. None of us were baptized (myself, bros’ and sis’). I didn’t even know there was such a thing (as baptism) until I was 12 (when I first read Dante). My one sister became an Episcopalian in her 20s, none of the rest of has. I have nothing against believers, and most believers seem to have no problem w/ me. Not until I moved to WV did I realize how pervasive Christianity is. On my… Read more »


    I’m a Norse-Reconstructionist this month.


    You win the thread.

    Interesting idea. If only other people were as sensible as you. It’s not too hard to understand why people disbelieve, especially when something especially cruel and unfair were to happen to you. Me personally i have just as many reasons to believe in god as i don’t. The only reason i believe is because i have seen some wild and absolutely crazy shit that no sane or rational person would ever believe. And i don’t expect people to believe me. Hell sometimes i don’t even believe me.


    @thelotuseater725: I think it’s ridiculous to rate people by whether or not they believe in god. It’s so fundamental that it almost can’t be helped. I’ve met so few extremists/radicals and have had to actually deal w/ fewer, so apparently it doesn’t actually come up that often irl. Once you decide to debate the issue, everything changes and each side gets so angry. I honestly do not get it.


    Er… i’m going to assume that natedog didn’t read any of the above posts, and missed the part where atheism is not a religion. Random angry jabbering. Fail. I don’t know if there is a god or not, but I don’t want to waste my time going to churches and dishing out money, or trying to restrict other people’s freedoms ‘just in case’ or because it’s the socially acceptable thing to do. Although, in Australia, being an atheist or agnostic, etc is not something that’s really frowned upon. I think the majority of people here either don’t believe, or don’t… Read more »


    Just to clarify, I’m not saying that all people that believe in god only do so because they’re scared. It’s just that those people frustrate me more than any others, and it’s just pointless.
    Going to church every week does not automatically make you a good person.


    @nyokki: Well yeah, i agree with you there. A lot of the ones i meet in real life aren’t fundamentalist in their doctrines. But internet atheists from what i have experienced tend to be dogmatic and imposing on their beliefs. I guess thats what happens when you get a lot of people together with the same belief. I’ve also noticed younger atheists tend to be more radical. Don’t get me wrong a lot of atheists aren’t crazy religion hating nazis. It’s just the ones who are tend to be the most outspoken and give a bad image to what is… Read more »


    @ dieAntagonista
    Please explain what anti-theism is and why you think Dawkins believes theism to be the root of all evil.

    Louis E.

    According to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle god exist only if you think about him.

    Which I never do by the way.


    @Louis E.: According to Berkeley, we exist only because God thinks about us.


    @Louis E.: Oh, and I think you just did.