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bright green

Try playing a shooter on the Wii, it couldn’t make a killer if it tried.


Oh yeah? Try hiding these from the person who uses them every day. BAM, you got yourself a killer.


give an original xbox controller to a guy who looses his temper over a bad game of Madden and you’ve got blunt force trauma at the very least.

In nearly unrelated news, a friend of mine was the first person to report getting his Wiimote stuck in a wall. Well, he was the first at whichever support call-center got his call, but that’s still pretty freakin early. Put one of the strapless controllers in the hands of a man who likes greasy foods and you’d soon have:
Wiihicular Manslaughter!”


haha elzar wins the interenet.
wiihicular manslaguhter.. muahahaha

Luke Magnifico

I once accidentally snapped a PS3 controller in half.

That made me pretty angry.

Because the controllers are flimsy and bad.

Luke Magnifico

You could even say I was murderous with rage

But that would probably be a lie.


Brandon Crisp

Jake Roberts

Luke Magnifico

@natedog: That wasn’t the fault of videogames.

That was the fault of bad parenting.

They should never have stopped them playing videogames.

But really, there must have been some underlying mental problems, if a kid’s going to hang himself because he can’t play a videogame.

Alec Dalek

Think of it this way: If Brandon Crisps moronic parents had not taken his Xbox away, he’d still be alive. Therefore, video games save lives.


I have a little meter I wear around my neck that I use to display my current faith in humanity (I don’t, but I want one.) Whenever someone goes on about how videogames make people into killers, it drops like a rock. People are really that stupid. Everyone who has ever killed someone has ingested water in the past 48 hours. WATER is the cause of murder. Wake up, sheeple. My point here being that because this one psycho kid got picked on all his life finally went and and brought a shotgun to school and got some revenge also… Read more »


excuse me… which way to the wiihicular wessels?


Gosh…are you people really that stupid? Have you not learned anything? Anything that is projected onto the TV is like a mind control/brainwashing machine, literally. I know that sounds silly but it’s true… It’s especially true for video games as well. Until I played counter strike I would have never thought about getting a headshot. Now it’s all I think about. If a little girl plays some barbie game with ponies and the game suggests her to get a pony with blue hair, she is going to want a pony with blue hair, in some aspects. I’m sure some of… Read more »


LOL Chekov FTW!

OK, so let me ask you something. Have you actually gone out and shot someone in the head because you have “BOOM! HEADSHOT!” on the brain?

Please explain why/why not.


@Phyreblade: I’m just saying it’s very suggestive…and no I haven’t but I’ve thought about it a lot.


@casemods: I cannot argue that movies, video games, etc, are not suggestive. However so is life, in general.

If you, as a person who thinks about headshots a whole lot, has yet to actually bust a cap in some hoons dome, so to speak, much less random people on the street, doesn’t that point to some other factor being at play in people who do?

Have you ever asked yourself why you haven’t actually done so? And more importantly, what the difference is between you and a person who does?

Why do people keep trying to bend the spoon…? 😀