how to kill a zombie

how to kill a zombie

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    I never make it past number 1


    I prefer the chainsaw to the bat. If we are talking melee weapons.


    Claymores. Lots and lots of claymores. You could have so much fun trapping an urban environment, if the zombies are the slow moving kind.

    If the zombies are however, the evil, fast and intelligent kind, extreme caution as they may force you into your own minefield as a clever and ironic twist.


    I know slow and fast zombies, but intelligent?
    Claymore sounds good, though aren’t those too heavy. I’d say a katana comes in much more handy. At least for the slow ones. And some ninja skills would be pretty neat also.
    In case of fast zombies, I’d only need one gun. And one bullet.


    I meant The M18A1 Claymore directional anti-personnel mine. lol


    Haha ow. Yeah I was already wondering


    – I was with you. Have they improved them from when you had to use the old clicker type firing device?

    Luke Magnifico

    @Namelis1: What intelligent zombies?


    : ya know, Congress??!


    ^ Wow, I was just about to say that!


    @dieAntagonista: @LukeV1-5: In “Land of the Dead”, the zombies were definitely showing signs of intelligence. They also had an Alpha, or thinker Zombie. There was also another movie (I forget the name) where the zombies were being trained. We only get to see one successful trainee, however he showed intelligence far in excess of the basic things he was supposed to have been taught. In a similar vein if we consider the creatures fro “I am Legend” as zombies (for lack of a better description) the alpha zombie showed considerable intelligence. Setting traps? Leaving bait? That’s way beyond the simple… Read more »