Browser Comparision

Browser Comparision

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    IE isn’t *that* bad…


    Opera is missing


    I’d say chrome is the wii


    They’re insulting Firefox. :p


    Chrome is much lighter, so I’d say it’s more like a psp =)


    Firefox =/= wii.


    I’d say Chrome is more like a DSlite. It doesn’t even have that good of features yet. So a DSlite without games?

    Firefox can be bloated if you don’t know how to program the ironically named Chrome file, but it runs great. So a combination of PS3’s size and reliability with 360’s graphics and mod-ability, with the additional option to remove chipsets?

    IE is really stepping up with the next version, but right now it’s generic starter crap..

    You know what? These comparisons are really shitty, and you should feel bad.

    Alec Dalek

    Bullshit. I’d say Firefox with it’s massive instantly available catalog of plug ins and enhancements would be more analogous to the Xbox 360 and it’s massive library of Games and instantly available Arcade. The Wii is more like Konqueror for Linux.


    the whole thing is bullshit. Chrom doesn’t even work half the time, I LOVE how everytime I start firefox it tells me something about plugins and it just SUCKS, then Opera tries to be all fancy. But good ol Internet Explorer, which was the ONLY ONE there in the beginning, keeps moving forward…


    Like I said, IE isn’t *that* bad.

    It hasn’t locked up or frozen on me as many times as firefox has (in Vista).
    It hasn’t just ‘not worked’ like Chrome likes to do (I am an avid google user/pusher. I love their stuff most of the time.)

    IE – “It Just.. Works.”


    Sweet, I use chrome and have a PS3. Top of the heap boys!


    I feel all tainted and icky when I use IE, hard to say why, it just feels wrong. In 10 years they have barely streamlined enough to cope with current online content. So I feel this comparison appropriate. FireFox is a little better, but it really does have a lot of constant updates and plugins, for little to no improvement in performance, it just feels a little cleaner. Which I think equates more to PS3 functionality. Then Chrome, which i find the fastest and easiest to use, So I would equate Xbox360 as a better match. Then If Wii needs… Read more »


    I guess whoever was using that Saturn wasn’t using it properly. I played my Saturn more than my PS1 and Xbox (The original Xbox… and didn’t help 3 of those broke). If you imported Saturn games, getting the 4 meg cart free in some, etc.. you had a decent arcade library opening up.

    Alec Dalek

    @token2k6: What are you, like 14? Netscape is the original, and Firefox is it’s spiritual successor. And there was Gopher before that. IE is a johny-come-lately. Microsoft’s “me too”.


    Paul_is_Drunk: I’d say Chrome is more like a DSlite. It doesn’t even have that good of features yet. So a DSlite without games?

    so, Chrome is like the PSP right?

    Special Kail

    I like safari, and I use it on my pc.


    Firefox = xbox 360
    Opera = PS3
    Chrome= psp/ds
    IE 8= sega master system.


    @thelotuseater725: Yours is probably the closest, but I’d make IE a pong machine. 🙂


    So, chrome is good, but overpriced, with commercials designed by Satan to give you nightmares?

    Seriously, who here remembers that PS3 commercial with the baby with glowing red eyes? Fucking freaky.


    I remember buying Netscape so I could have a real browser and it came w/ a huge instruction manual and “address book”. If I remember correctly Sun something or other (owned Netscape at the time) sued Microsoft because Gates was bundling IE w/ MS software for free and something about MS not letting Computer makers have a choice on putting IE w/ the rest of MS software. I may not have this all straight. I’m guessing this would have been mid to late 90s.


    @AlecDalek: how many internets old are you? yeah sure netscape was there in the beginning, but that didn’t last long and IE was almost right there beside it. MS made the right move by squandering that crap browser out and providing one solution … everybody else (who wasn’t around then (we’re talking 10 years here)) is just follwing in its footsteps.


    If you go back and look at what Gates said at the time, you’ll find that he says he screwed up the whole browser thing. He didn’t think that’s where puters were headed, so he was very much a johnny-come-lately and had to scramble to get something out. The first few IEs versions sucked. They were a mess. Offhand, I’d say AOL saved his ass on the that.


    I’ve been lurking this place for ages and I’d have to say that token2k6, you have to have been one of the dumbest pieces of shit to grace this website. Grats!


    Users that get owned by IE are most likely n00bs.