american house

american house

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    This must be from The Poltergeist.

    Alec Dalek

    Wow, that’s a lot of dead indians. Of course they killed way more of their own before we every showed up. They’d wipe out entire tribes because they wouldn’t help them kill some other tribe.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    That’s not true. I asked Caio and he said that Indians never hurt each other and were actually on the verge of building a rainbow bridge to heaven before the white man showed up and attacked them for no reason. And now we won’t let them finish their bridge because white people are evil.

    PS: funny picture is funny. I especially like the melodramatic expressions on the skulls. Those skulls are in pain!


    AlecDalek: Oh, good thing they got wiped out then, those evil barbarians…


    Notice how we can’t see the heads of the people on the other side of the table


    I love history. Especially when somebody uses it to try to make other people feel bad. The further in the past the better, that way we are even less understanding of the context of the times.

    It happened a long time ago, learn from it, don’t repeat it and get the fuck over it.

    But just for arguments sake, the facial features of the guy at the table could indicate Native American ancestry. Ooooo and he’s PRAYING!

    Alec Dalek

    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: Thanks, I laughed my ass off!

    Tuk: I don’t have a problem with them existing. I’m just sick and tired of them blaming each and every one of their problems on “the palefaces”.


    – because their heads are bowed in prayer… stoopid :p

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    In all fairness, the skeletons of Native Americans make a solid foundation material. Very sturdy stuff.


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: Actually that’s… what skulls look like, when the jaw comes loose.


    “They’d wipe out entire tribes because they wouldn’t help them kill some other tribe.” Can you prove that?

    You could argue all day long about how ‘barbaric’ the Indians were. Fact is, all those tribes, lead a balanced life. They didn’t spread like some virus all over the place, but kept the population in check. If one tribe started making more and more babies, until they’d end up in another’s tribe territory, they would eventually kill one of them.
    You can’t say it didn’t work.


    Man it’s wrong to assume the tribes had fixed territories or any concept of territory. Territory changed constantly, except in the agricultural areas near the coasts, and in new mexico, but those guys were the minority.

    Natives went to war constantly, but the buffalo-hide shield was pretty effective against the bow and arrow so you mostly got stand-offs and raids. Till the guns started being traded around and then it was bloody massacre.

    Don’t know if entire tribes were killed before the beothuk but humans are fucked up anywhere so maybe.


    rainbow bridge notwithstanding, the natives were still cooler than you.


    Oh and I agree, it’s ridiculous to blame any body because of what happened such a long time ago. But you have to admit that it’s a little ironic that this tradition, to celebrate has been kept alive.


    Happy Thanksgiving!


    reboot: Did you learn nothing from Pet Sematary?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    dieAntagonista: This is an outdated view of Native American cultures. Modern archeology is increasingly showing that they were busy clearing forests, diverting rivers,
    overfarming the land, etc. The untamed wilderness that white settlers encounter was largely what grew back in the couple hundreds years between the time small pox wiped out 99% of the population and colonization began to seriously take place. A good read on the is is the book 1491 by Charles Mann. Or go visit some of the Ansasi sites in the southwest where they drove themselves to near extinction through environmental catastrophe.


    reboot: Alright I didn’t know that. Though the book I learned this from was written in 1990 or so. I’m a little surprised, but thanks for the recommendation. Charles Mann, that sounds familiar, I’ll see if I can get that book and read up.


    In all fairness… The USA pays them monthly for each child… and the casinos, and the reservation where they have their own laws.

    -My European descent says… Sorry.

    -My American Indian descent says… Who got the last laugh; White man!!!

    Elepski <—- 1/8th Cherokee Indian


    AlecDalek: I see. But it wasn’t a common thing right

    Alec Dalek

    dieAntagonista: And neither was it with Europeans.


    1) hahahhahahahhahahahahah. You think them Romans just walked into empty Europe? Oh man don’t even get me started on European history. 2) I’m surprised you picked Neutral and not larger nations in that same war, like, for example, the Huron? Your google-fu has failed you. Beaver wars were a recruiting war (very common with natives) to try to increase Iroquois numbers after several particularly bad waves of smallpox. The idea was “join us or we’ll eat you” literally. They got as many POWs as they could and had this “join us or we’ll respectfully eat you” ceremony. There are still… Read more »


    AlecDalek: Touché.


    This isn’t like my house – I have a basement not a pussy crawlspace!


    Ron Cobb was the editorial cartoonest for the Los Angeles Free Press (among others) during the mid sixties. The cartoon above was published in a collection of his works called “My Fellow Americans”. An additional collection was titled “Raw Sewage”. All his books are out of print, although his work remains largely pertinant to this very day. He has gone on to a variety of film related work (ref. Wikipedia).


    I love his work, I find it amazing

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