DS9 Defiant

DS9 Defiant

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    Tough little ship.




    Mike, Naked: I want you two to have this argument. I want to see it. With my own eyes.

    Alec Dalek

    DS9 = rip-off of B5


    B5 = not nearly as original and interesting as many people want you to believe it was


    @MikeBabaguh: @Naked: That was beautiful. Thank you…


    @Kishi: Typical whine from Star Trek apologists. 🙂

    B5: Better than Star Trek ever thought it was.


    @NoOneInParticular: Note I said nothing about Star Trek. I think Star Trek is pretty over-rated, too- TNG was cool when I was 9, but I think it hasn’t aged as well. But I’m just tired of hearing Babylon 5 fans who won’t admit that there was anything wrong with the show. Like how half-assed some of the story was, particularly the last season. Or how Straczynski liked to jack things from other series when he got lazy. Or how unsubtle some of the “deep” meaning was. It was okay sci-fi, and if I’d watched it on my own, I probably… Read more »


    @Kishi: You’re right there. 🙂 I don’t think B5 was perfect, but it was head and shoulders above most TV SciFi series, particularly ST. The first season of B5 was particularly bad, but if you check, it’s because they used “guest writers”, most of whom were ST writers. The series got better once JMS took over, but it wasn’t perfect by any means.


    Babylon 5 is a big pile of shit!


    Actually Straczynskis’ original script had a shape changer in it. When he was shopping the scrpt around for a producer, Paramount held the script for a very long time, then suddenly DS9 appeared.


    @MikeBabaguh: @Naked: Bravo!
    @Caio: They were quoting First Contact.


    or was it “Insurrection”?
    mmmm… yes.


    @MrDooves: It was First Contact, when Worf was magically beamed to the Enterprise with the shields still up…. I’m an insane Trek fan, and I still find some episodes of ALL the series overblown and contrite.


    I liked all the Star Treks and B5. Generally I prefer DS9 and B5 most. Most tv scifi leave much to be desired, but I’ve got an imagination; I can work w/ it.

    tiki god

    @MrPsychic: obviously you’re not that insane of a fan, or else you would know that they can do that now.

    Thank the borg, who proved it was possible and then the Federation engineers who made it happen.


    @tiki god: And you would have known at this point in the Star Trek timeline, the Federation has encountered the Jem Hadar who have the built in ability to transport through shields. However, The Federation have not shown any other incidents when they transport through shields. Maybe the Enterprise did a type of near warp transport, but with shields in battle.


    You know what I never understood? Really early on, in the series, they managed to come up with a Phase shift cloaking device. The one that they had an accident with on the Pegasus, it was perhaps the ultimate cloaking device ever. But when they finally managed to get it working, and they promptly mothballed it because it was in violation of the Federation Klingon treaty. Now when the Borg/Dominion showed up, you would think they’d pull that technology out of wraps to fight their common enemies. Neither the Borg nor the Jem Hadar, not even Species 8472, appeared to… Read more »