american beauty wallpaper

american beauty wallpaper

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    Roses are red, black eyes are actually blue, ephebophilia is not so bad, especially for you.


    I couldn’t believe how overrated that movie was. I felt sick after seeing it… there was nothing “beautiful” about it.


    Pedobear approves of that movie.


    Typical Hollywood crap.

    Overrated and lame


    I liked most of the movie, though I didn’t like the
    ephebophilia relationship.


    Dark and edgy was tired long before this came out. I’m so bored of dark and edgy I can’t describe it.


    I always loves me some Thora Birch.


    Such a depressing movie.

    Alec Dalek

    The ending was stupid. Just like the ending to the directors version of I Am Legend. For once I’m glad the studio interfered.


    @nyokki: I wasn’t too impressed by it either.
    Then again, I’m not too impressed with any movie where it’s all about relationships.
    But yea, it wasn’t mind blowing or anything to me.


    I hated this movie. It was written for all the sheltered middle class people, to help them feel normal somehow. For anyone who has actually experienced hardship… the movie was just insulting.


    not to mention that something tagged or titled “wallpaper” should imply something that is actually large enough to fill a decent sized screen, who the hell still uses 1024×768?

    BTW… Mena – not just “I’d hit it” but if I had a babe like that I’d never leave the house.

    tiki god

    @Rocko: What you just said there is what people refer to as “elitism”. You should damn well know that the #1 resolution in use on the internet is currently 1028×768.

    sure it’s on a downward trend for larger resolutions, but jesus christ, everytime an image gets tagged wallpaper someone comes out and bitches about how large their cock is and how they wish everyone knew about their massive dicks. trust me, we know about you being a massive dick.


    My attitudes about movies have changed over the years. I used to get really pissed when I paid money for a movie ticket, another $200 or so for a small popcorn (extra butter, thank you very much) and a small diet coke…and then the movie sucked. Now there’s only a few movies I go to the big screen for (last one was The Dark Night). So, I’ve relaxed my standards. If it isn’t OnDemand I generally don’t bother. I think I’m missing a lot of Oscar movies though. I got through maybe a half-hour of Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Sideways, The… Read more »


    @nyokki: I’ve always been that way. It’s just never made sense to me to spend all that money when I can watch things in the comfort of my home. It doesn’t hurt that I have an illogical HATE of the sound of people eating popcorn. I’ll go to the theater to see movies that I think visually need to be seen on a big screen. There is a nice theater walking distance from my house that has a discount card. $60 for 10 movies so it’s actually only a bit more expensive than renting from Blockbuster (which I don’t use,… Read more »


    @outofocus: I was using Netflix for a while. Excellent idea. I just don’t have the time for so many movies. I’ve been thinking about activating it again at the 4 movies per month price/deal (on sabbatical now, so I have some time now). I’ve been going to movies less and less over the past ~10 years. I used to go all the time in summer (no a/c at the time), just grabbed the kiddies and spend a few glorious hours in an air conditioned room where the volume was so loud I couldn’t hear the complaints. I think it was… Read more »


    @nyokki: My Netflix is on hold right now but I just had it at one disc at a time. I actually used Netflix more for TV series than anything. I like watching TV shows by myself but prefer to watch movies with others so my movie watching schedule is really, really slow. My son and I have watched a couple of older movies on which was decent. We watched Planet of the Apes: Marky Mark Edition (which he said was awesome) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. My son and I usually go to the movies on the… Read more »


    @outofocus: We used to have a second-run theater here and it was $1 p/movie Mon-Thu and a $1.50 on Fri-Sat. Now that I think about it, I never went to the Drive-in theater this summer…damn, too late now.


    @nyokki: They closed the drive in in the area where I grew up. I just found out awhile ago that they have one here in San Jose. My son has never been to one… maybe next spring I’ll take him.


    @outofocus: When the kiddies were younger, we’d go w/ a few friends, set up a bbq and lawn chairs and make an evening of it. I can’t believe I didn’t hit it even once this year.