Strange Beard Experiment (Before & After)

beardbefore.gif (91 KB)

beard after.gif (229 KB)

6 Weeks in between pictures
More about it here:

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    John Lennon is that you?


    ^Just what I thought


    How is this an experiment?
    Did you just plant seeds in your face? or just realize that hair grows on it?


    lol @asphyxxia: “I have a beard. People have been saying, “A beard keeps you warmer.” Sure it sounds good, but has anybody ever really tested this theory? In the interest of science, I thought of cutting off my beard for a winter to determine if it would be colder without it. Thinking about it for a while, I realized that this was no good. Maybe it would be a warmer (colder) winter this year. Maybe I would forget how cold (warm) it was last year. I needed a control! Another person was no good; their perception of cold may not… Read more »


    Maybe he wanted to see how faster the short beard grows compared with the long beard.


    @Cocozin: Or maybe you could click the link and see the actual reason. But I guess that makes too much sense.

    Not that any of this made sense. Guy walked around for a month and a half looking like a complete idiot?


    Addendum: Not to mention he did it to “prove” something that’s common sense. Effing duh.


    This man is in need of a make-over. I had a pair of similar glasses in…ummm…1976.


    A facial hair growth experiment. Science has come a long way.


    Fuck about… the shave was halfway towards the urgently needed image change required to get him out of the seventies, maybe even out of the bible era before. Also stops him looking such a sex offender, however obviously he preferred that look.