Independence for Christian Schools

Independence for Christian Schools

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    a bible-based social, political and religious order that denies the religious liberty of the enemies of god?
    …that sounds terrifying, what a nutjob. :/


    Kill it.With Fire and Hammer.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    Well, they’re well on their way.

    post-modern morgan

    ugh. when will these people GO AWAY?


    These people need to GTFO of my religion.


    thelotuseater725: I’m right there with you. Shall we Kill it with Fire?


    Those are his own beliefs which he smashes down other’s throats. Then when he fails, he’ll blaim God!

    Alec Dalek

    They want to you freedom of religion to destroy freedom of religion. What sick fucks!


    AlecDalek: Scary bit of thinking on their part there.


    I think we need a zero star choice.


    nyokki: Agreed


    He is going to hell (if there is a hell).


    If we’re going to lock up Islamic radicals as “terrorists”, we need to lock up fucktards like this as well.


    Well that’s a little extreme. He isn’t exactly waging a physical war in the sense that certain islamic factions use suicide bombers or go guns blazing. But still people like him can help give rise to people like Muslim Terrorists, so i can see why you would say that.



    That’s religious fundamentalism for you. Just how cut off from the real world do you have to be to find such fluff plausible?


    The God That Failed.


    Kill one. Kill a few. Kill ’em all.


    You don’t have to be too cut off from the real world, pi_neutrino, since in the middle ages (and even a bit after that) that was the standard, typical way of thinking.


    And there it is… religious hate at it’s worst.


    His words maybe softer in tone than “Praise Alla” and “Jihad”… but they mean the exact same thing.

    Gary Generic

    Basically he wants to remove free will, given unto us by his god, and create a nation born to slavery under his invisible sky-giant to profit his institution?

    Oh, okay.


    I present exhibit “a” to the court, as evidence of people who give christians a horrible reputation.


    thelotuseater725: I suggest looking up a film called “Jesus Camp”. It covers a Bible camp that brainwashes kids with exactly this sort of bullshit and WORSE. I swear, the only thing stopping them from strapping bombs to the kids and sending them into supposed “anti-Christian” establishments is that they know our society would turn on them faster than they can say Judas.


    Addendum: I do absolutely recognize that these people are fringe fanatics and know a LOT of good Christians who are quite pleasant and tolerant people. I don’t hate Christians, I hate fanatical zealots, and which religion they’re for is irrelevant on that.


    Tyger42: Definitely. I’m an atheist myself, but a lot of my friends are Christians, and if I was to tell them that this Gary North person represented the average Christian, they’d be well within their rights to tar and feather me.


    pi_neutrino: Guh. *Shudder* People make tar and feathering out to be a funny thing these days, but they don’t stop to think about it… Hot tar poured all over you. Third degree burns, anyone? Oh, and the stuff won’t come off without taking skin with it. I’m sure it was usually fatal. The feathers were just adding insult to injury…


    I spent half my life in multiple christian churches.And up until two years ago i was a hardcore atheist. I’ve seen jesus camp and i have met people who would think the people in jesus camp are devil worshiping heathens. Despite what you may have been told these people represent a minority in mainstream christian faith. They get sensationalized by the media and pretty soon the whole world thinks that is the view of every christian. It is bullshit thinking like that that causes half of our nation to freak out when they see a dude in a turban at their local mini-mart . Now, That’s not to say people like Gary North aren’t dangerous, If you actually read my post instead of saying “AH HE IS DEFENDING CHRISTIANS I MUST CALL UPON THE ALMIGHTY POWER OF LOGIC AND RATIONALITY!” You would notice how i said “But still people like him can help give rise to people like Muslim Terrorists.” Now i am guessing you are smart enough to realize that i more or less said ” guys like him can help cause terrorism.”


    What’s so bad about people praising Allah? Jihad i see since it implies a holy war but it is fairly normal for people to praise the name of their god. Plus this Gary North guy is obviously fucking crazy but he doesn’t represent the majority of the christian faith.

    Snarky Parker


    From one atheist to another, way to find the middle ground on that one. 🙂

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