We’ve got work to do.

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Pretty much sums it all up, IMO.

Ganked from www.doemain.com/

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    Furies ruin everything.


    Lol, these next four years are going to be an amusement ride. Between Pelosi, Reid, and Emmanuel Rahm now too, say goodbye to every promise made during the campaign season. Real politics begins February 09


    I too am curious as to how those campaign promises are going to turn out. I think if Obama can keep half the promises he made, then we as a country would be in decent shape…but then the realistic part of me has to but consider just how many back-room promises were made to get into the white house. Even though I voted against him, I do wish him luck…the American political machine can wear you down bad.


    You’re right. I mean furries but I guess I spelt it like the Anglo-Roman term for Erinyes, the Greek goddess who kill those that kill their parents, making me implicitly guilty of killing my parents.

    What a Freudian slip, genius!


    People who aren’t old enough to remember politics before Bush II. Or aren’t smart enough. One of the two.


    Okay, I take that back on db_tanker.

    Still, I gotta admire the Repubs for sticking to the talking points.

    ProTip: You have to wait ’til Obama is President. Even then, the country loves him right now. You’re only exciting the base, as usual.



    I have got sick and tired of both sides talking points to the point where I avoided any news program at all. I just want our country to be strong again like it once was. And if Obama IS the “second coming” of JFK, then by God let him at it. I really do see the Congress tying his hands on that however. And it will not be good for him. I honestly do think that he is trying to do what is right and he has my respect for that. He is, above all else, sincere in his convictions. McCain and Palin couldn’t touch that. I only wish that he picked another VP. Biden is…I guess too much of a compromise is what I am thinking. He represents the “old school” thoughts and ways. We shall see. I watch and wait.


    I kinda feel bad for Obama. He’s in a tough spot right now, between keeping all the promises he made, an not making things worse in certain situations. There are alot of tough calls ahead. Personally, with as close as the popular vote was, I don’t think his approval rating will stay high for long. Best of luck to him.


    also ,

    I actually am old enough to remember Carter being Prez. 🙂 lol


    Yeah, that’s right. I might have spent half a second googling and finding the mistake in your post: not too hard because you’re an idiot.

    I wouldn’t have to though, as I had to read the Orestaia in high school. I’m assuming you’re American to have such a basic fact missing from your education.

    Luke Magnifico

    What makes me sad, Marrock, is that you thought that what you were saying would make you seem intellectual and cultured.

    What Irony!


    db_tanker: You can remember, but did you vote (for/against) Carter? I (barely) remember JFK (although his funeral will be burned in my mind for the tedious hours of his burial being on TV, all (three) channels. Black and white TV no less.


    Marrock: so. . . wait. I have to bullet this to keep it straight.
    In this thread:
    *You correct someone on a typo in a comment thread by-
    *making a flawed reference to an easily verified subject-
    *changed mid-comment from an overcomplicated typo-heckling to a comment about Caio’s “sinning,” implying a judgment on your part about his character in general-
    *then, when the object of your derision corrects your error with facts, you scoff at the idea of fact-checking- regardless of the fact the you started by commenting on an editing error before-
    *slipping into foul language for no reason, only to be followed by-
    *a denouncement of internet criticism’s relevance, though it was exactly what you had joined the thread to do. . .

    so. . . what’s up with that, man? I mean- it seems like you started out trying to score some points and ended up getting mocked. My imaginary evaluation of self-worth aside, what happened here can’t be what you intended to happen. . .so, fail?
    I think fail, man.
    Oh, and Protip: you don’t waste time arguing with people that don’t matter- but don’t worry, maturity is on its way, kiddo.

    Luke Magnifico

    The man makes a convincing argument. I would buy a second-hand car from him without hesitation.

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