Skanky Snow White

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    Skanky Snow White and The Seven Penetrations


    She can Snow my White anytime.


    I don’t think that’s skanky at all; it’s barely slutty.


    What an unfaithful wench !!


    She’s as pure as the driven slush…


    @nyokki: Do you see the guy under the bed?

    This makes me think a lot about why girls have sex with multiple partners… :/


    @casemods: Yeah I saw it. Doesn’t make her a bad girl, well it does, but in a good way.


    @nyokki: So having sex with someone other then your partner is not slutty or skanky? Obviously the dwarf is her husband and she’s hiding the other guy under the bed from him…


    @casemods: Works for me.


    Well the guy hiding appears to be a Prince so I don’t think he gives a fuck lol


    @nyokki I like the way you think.


    @casemods: Dude, it’s a photo spoof on a children’s fairy tale… why are getting all moral-emo? Snow White, asian or otherwise, can bang whoever she wants! She’s a fictional character, she doesn’t have to worry about pregnancy, STDs or being dishonest.

    As far as all this “why girls have sex with multiple partners”. The average human has sex with multiple partners… some have multiple partners at one time in their life or spread over time… some cheat… some don’t. It’s sex. Big deal.


    Am I the only one who thinks about how the girl grew up and why she needs to have multiple partners to somehow relieve herself and get away from reality? :\


    @outofocus: I hate my life…


    @casemods: Relieve herself? Don’t hate your life too much, you made me lol.


    @nyokki: That’s one of the many things damaged people do to escape from reality…drink alcohol, have sex, do drugs, steal, commit crimes, etc…

    I have a weird thought process I guess…I think deep…


    @casemods: I kind of agree with you. But what outofocus said is also true.
    Just because some other person might drink alcohol to escape from reality, that doesn’t mean alcohol is bad and I’m gonna stop drinking it too.
    Almost everything, is only good in moderation.


    Also, this girl is definitely skanky. I mean dude, she’s got a cat in her closet.


    She’s only with that other guy because her husband is in the mines all day, and not taking care of things. Also, i hear he’s hung like a dwarf.


    Read your Brother’s Grimm Stories, noobs. Snow white was about 10 years old, Disney just dressed it up to make it look kid friendly.

    Furthermore, Sleeping beauty got knocked out by something getting lodged under her fingernail, and when the prince guy came along, he thought she was sooooo beautiful, that he boned the fuck out of her, she got pregnant, and had two kids whilst being passed out, until one of the little babies was sucking on her finger, dislodging the gizmo of sleep, and her waking up to a whole new level of wtf.

    Snarky Parker

    @ Kaze:

    Good to hear that you read the Original Grimm Brother’s stories, too.


    This reminds me rather a lot of Rammstein’s Sonne video…watch it and you shall see what I mean. But @ Snarky, for the record, those original stories – pre-Grimm were better – are absolutely insane.