Scooter Tank!

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A military Vespa, the AMCA Troupes Aeról Portées Mle. 56 was used by the French Airborne Forces in Algeria and Indochina. With an M20 75mm recoiless rifle, it was airdropped as a two man, two scooter team. One carrying the rifle, the other ammunition. Hilariously, the gun could even be fired on the move, and it was designed as an anti-tank weapon. Can you imagine being the tank crew that were defeated by a scooter?ól_Portées_Mle._56

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    I like to think of it as “The Devastator.”


    Click-click, Boom.


    “Can you imagine being the tank crew that were defeated by a scooter?”

    A French scooter.


    Much less a French scooter operated by a French para…

    BTW this is a defective unit. The muzzle should be going out the back so it can be fired while retreating.


    ow my balls

    Alec Dalek

    If anything, it’s makes the Vespa look even more gay.


    On second thought, looking at this device gives me a better understanding of the French. “You want to drop me and this thing out of an airplane, tool around, find a tank and attack it. With this. May I surrender now?”


    Only thing that could make being the tank that was taken down by that more humiliating would to be to have teenage girls firing them. :p
    Quoth Tank Girl: “Hi boys! Feeling a little inadequate?”


    Pansy ass French

    Alec Dalek

    You don’t understand. The French aren’t wimps, they are sick and tired of fucking war. There was all the Napoleon bullshit, then they got their asses handed to them by the Germans in 1871, then some of their best land was destroyed by WWI, then they got their asses kicked again by the Germans in WWII, then Vietnam, it goes on like this. It’s not just the French either. Both them and The Germans are fucking sick and tired of fucking war and have learned their fucking lesson lesson. Just because the British and The US haven’t been sated yet,… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    It actually seems like a good idea. Efficient war is all about doing the most damage with the least resources. Taking out a big, expensive tank with a cheap scooter/rocket launcher combo is smarter than spending $3 million on a missile to blow up a bunch of camel riding insurgents.


    it couldnt be french French Airborne it has no reverse gear it it really was french it would be faster backwords


    I’m sure you’d go really fast backwards if you actually tried to fire it.


    @Disreg: Recoiless. Look it up.


    Hell, I thought that was a TEXAS DILDO.