Air Conditioned Port-a-potty

Air Conditioned Portapotty.jpg (61 KB)

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    Alec Dalek

    Recycled farts? No thanks.


    fart collector


    Good idea, but can’t be all that efficient with the vent holes at the top.


    I’d rather hang a “porta-potty” scented tree thing from my rearview.

    Voted 5 stars for disgusting factor.


    Waste of energy

    Luke Magnifico

    Dudes, have you thought it’s maybe to suck the bad air out?

    Have you never been in a week old portapotty?

    That serves like 100 drunks?


    If looks like it’s taking fresh air from the outside to pump into the port-a-potties. It also looks like an air conditioner, so the top would be the most efficient place to put it.

    Also, the ‘pooping’ tag is win.


    That’s Iraq:
    – 120 degrees F
    – recycled MREs and chow hall food
    – 6 shitters for every 150 people
    – MRE’s have a tendency to clog you up and result in taking a seat for a while…

    yeah, I understand and appreciate this picture.


    DasMaus: That’s what I figured. Sucking air out would be worse than useless. I can imagine one would want any air you can get if it’s 120 deg and you’re gonna be a while.


    i’ve used these in the desert before- (at the Gorge Amphitheatre) and i wished there was a way to cool them down. they are SAUNAS inside. and, they are really fucking gross… especially if you get “splash back”.


    Great that is the last thing we need, air blowing around a port-a-potty.


    dude when i was in Iraq in the summer the port-a-shitters got to like 150F that would have rocked i used to wait till night so i wouldn’t die in them

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