McCain… full of fail.

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It’s official now… your full of fail.. now go away.

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    “your full of fail” = fail


    You fail for bashing a great man.

    L2 Flame Palin noob.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Please cite said policies and objections or gfto half wit teenage non voter.

    This post is the real fucking FAIL.


    Elepski, you are FAIL for mocking a man who fought for our country, whether you agreed with his campaign or not.

    Gary Generic

    It’s kinda irritating to me that some eighth grade Krylon-huffer would think this is funny.

    /voted Obama

    Special Kail

    @...Luna: That’s not really accurate. It’s pretty annoying how people put veterans up on a pedestal. I’m not saying anything against McCain here, because when he’s being himself and not the monster his advisors turned him into he’s a pretty respectable guy, but to say that mocking a person who fought for our country is FAIL just isn’t true. Serving in our military right now are murderers, thieves, rapists, active gang members, wife beaters and so on. Just because they’re serving in the military doesn’t make them superhuman. It just means that for whatever reason they have found themselves in… Read more »


    @...Luna: Hugo Chavez, Augusto Pinochet, Mao and Hitler all fought for their countries, as members of their armed forces, before they took over the joint and went all wacky. By your logic, we shouldn’t say bad things about them either. Disclaimer: I am by no means suggesting that McCain is as bad as any of the above mentioned people, or that he had any intention of establishing an authoritarian/totalitarian dictatorship in America, or even that he’s at all bad as a person/politician/etc. , I’m merely pointing out the idiocy of exempting people from criticsm/mockery/satire based soley on the fact that… Read more »


    AgZed: … It’s a sad state of affairs when a disclaimer is twice as long as a comment.

    Disclaimer: The above is not a sleight directed at MCS viewers, Americans, or the rest of the world at large, but rather a commentary on the seemingly growing number of people who seem to have no clue about how to debate an issue and fail to realise that simply because a logical fallacy sounds good, doesn’t mean that it’s true.

    Special Kail

    Luna = pwn3d



    AgZed: “realize”


    Disclaimer: Any and all grammatical errors reported in this thread are strictly intended for the person who created the error to apprehend and embrace his/her own douchebaggery ironically when attempting to sound intelligent in his/her own disclaimer.

    Special Kail

    pedantic: Unless, of course, he or she is British. In that case it would be an accepted spelling and you would be the douchebagger.


    @Special Kail: Unless you realise the irony of accusing someone with his particular screen name of being pedantic. @AgZed: It is a sad day when people feel disclaimers on here are necessary. I refuse to let PC invade the haven of irrationality and childish amusement that is MCS. So, in the spirit of that resistance to uptight, small minds: @Luna go suck a rancid donkey cock, pull the cactus out of your ass and shake the sand out of your vagina and get a fucking SENSE OF HUMOR. @Magnus: He cited, are you satisfied? Also, who cares, it’s a free… Read more »


    Special Kail: Not British per se, but educated there, so same difference. It’s always fun when people trap themselves into these things. Also, someone who calls themselves ‘pedantic’ should really have a better grasp of the difference between posts and threads.


    Man these threads have been creating deafening amounts of stupid.


    Lotus, you know what they say about stupid…goes back to the baseline we were discussing in the forums…

    . No, they wouldn’t. That’s the plodding, oblivious borgesque glory of the pedantic mindset.


    Special Kail: I stand corrected. Kind of. I guess.

    Snarky Parker

    all the fuckers who consider themselves “experts” at political science from watching the news:


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