McCain = Epic Fail!

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    I wouldn’t say it was epic, Sarah on the other hand… She thought Africa was a country.


    I dunno about epic fail. Him and obama more or less would commit manslaughter against each other during the debates.



    Oh my god watching Sarah talk more or less required a PHD in stupid just to vaguely process her statements.


    Haha I know right? Her lack of intelligence destroyed it thoroughly for John, it’s almost impressive.




    McCain lost because of Palin, and he should realize that. It doesn’t take a Genius to know that Palin is a dumb shit, and obviously he cant tell intelligence from a WMD, Thus not fit for presidency. I know a captin in the air force, and HE voted for obama.

    I remember Palin saying this on election day. While in the polls at Alaska she said this was an In-historic experience. that doesn’t even mean anything lol.


    Since McCain picked Palin, he’s responsible for her shittiness. And if you think he would’ve won if he’d picked someone else, you’re fooling yourself.

    The thing that fucked McCain the most was McCain.


    Yes, McCain screwed himself. I have heard many people say that the man he was during his concession speech was the guy that should have run, and they would have voted for that guy. But that guy (the reall McCain) couldn’t get on the GOP ticket. He tried twice and failed. So, he changed. And history was made. I’m not sure the world is ready for someone more stupid, inarticulate and weak than Bush; Palin should go back to Alaska and not come out ever again.

    Alec Dalek

    McCain was a good man, but the odds were against him for so many reasons. Even without Palin, most people saw him as Bush III, so you could almost say it was Bush II who lost him the election.

    Luke Magnifico

    John McCain doesn’t care.


    McCain sold out his ideals because he didn’t know how to run against Barack.

    McCain used to be this big moderate, centrist conservative but he knew that they only way he could win was to become a retarded populist and target those who would probably never vote democrat anyway.

    It was a stupid and embarrassing campaign that was targeted directly at America’s worst people. The man has no ethical compass and deserved to lose.


    I think the epic fail here belongs to the picture above this one.


    And this is exactly what should happen to anyone who sells out. What was his motivation to become president, anyway? It’s kind of sad, because he really is a good man.



    I think his motivation was that when he went up G.W. Bush he lost and in 2004 he pretty much had no chance since the party chose for W to run unopposed. So when this election came he realized he had a pretty good shot considering he was going against Huckabee and Mit Romney who really didn’t stand a chance to begin with. Simply put he thought it would be an easy win and got headstrong.


    I am so epically tired of seeing the word epic so grossly overused for so many mundane and generic things.

    Epic Yawn

    Alec Dalek

    @sylvanish: Agreed. Fail is full of fail.