Dead Space

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Took this screenshot from in-game. This is by far, the freakiest game I have played since Doom3 came out. It is scaring the piss out of me left and right! I love it!!

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    Jesus Christ

    Shit is so cash.


    This game made me jump like crazy. Extremely well done. I want to check out the prequel movie “Downfall”. I heard it’s awesome.


    Oh and the final boss battle…holy shit…epic.


    I was gonna get this game. Actually I have problems playing Doom because it’s so scary. If this one is even scarier.. uh, will it turn me into a paranoid freak or is it really still enjoyable

    AY! Eat Ya Veggies!

    I love how there was no HUD and everything was integrated into the suit. Made it very immersive, though I was snapped back to reality several times due to the unrealistic interaction of dead bodies and your character.


    I just bought a console-type usb controller and to tell you the truth I am having the same problem with the super mario world rom


    Haha, Kero that’s some funny shit.


    I love how someone managed to tag there… Vertex Shader Ver.: Required – 3.0 , You have – 2.0
    Pixel Shader Ver.: Required – 3.0 , You have – 2.0

    System Requirements Lab says I can’t run it >:\


    @dieAntagonista: F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origins

    somehow your mom (alma) really have some dellusional physic problems frist she wants to help you and next she wants to eat you alive

    game is more scarier than doom3 and deadspace i must say


    Whoa. That is so messed up and sick, it really makes me wanna play it.
    And the website is scary as hell. I don’t know if I could play it though. I wish it was a movie.


    From wikipedia: “a powerful psychic child named Alma, whose rage against those who wronged her caused her to begin an escalating paranormal crisis that threatens to devour and replace reality with her own”

    They say it’s a child, not your mother? And that sounds totally like Silent Hill(movie not game) to me. Either way, it’s dope.


    Never played the second game but the first was a fucking classic.

    Man that’s a great studio. They made the nolf games and alien v predator 2 as well


    I always liked picking up up those skulls with kinesis and them smashing them to pieces against the wall.


    I’ve been playing this game stoned with my friends, this game is great. It’s so cinematic, and it just straight up scares the shit out of me.


    Game was garbage.

    Scary? This was about as scary as doing a 180 every time the music changed. Enemies “surprising me” is bullshit-speak for them just spawning behind the player for no good reason.

    I loled, when I shoulda been scared.


    This game isn’t scary. In fact, I’ve yet to play a scary game in my life. I recommend this game if you really want to rip your hair out in anger and have shit thrown at you from behind every 3 minutes.


    The only way I can describe this game is Gears of War for Silent Hill fans.


    I’ve been watching my brother play it, and no, this isn’t scary at all. It relies almost purely on the startle factor. As much as the Escapist bashes everything, all his points about it are totally valid in my humble opinion. It’s very shallow, but I look at it as a door opener that will hopefully spawn something similar but with some actual substance and plot and the manipulation of actual fear and not mere “Boo!” This is to horror gaming, what Scream was to horror movies.


    If you’re looking for a psychological scary game, F.E.A.R. was just ok I thought, but Fatal Frame 1 & 2 were definitely the scariest games I’ve ever played. I never even finished them. You’re in a house that’s haunted with the most disturbingly twisted looking ghosts evar.


    no god – know fear
    know god – no fear

    play this game on impossible and say it isn’t scary.
    easier modes are fun, but barely make you jump
    most of the horror elements are well done and cool, but not traumatizing.