Wychwood ales

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I got these for the last New Year’s Eve party. Whychwood produce some really good ales %)

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    yeah, I had the hobgoblin once, good stuff.


    I liked the Hobgoblin as well. I bought it along w/ Monty Python Holy Grail Ale and really liked the Monty Python Ale.


    I want to try these. Wonder if they are sold anywhere on the West Coast.


    Puulaahi: If we have them in WV, I can’t imagine that California doesn’t carry it. I can’t even get any beer over 6.0 here.


    nyokki: We just got a BevMo here. Perhaps they have it. BevMo has to be heaven for alcoholics. It’s like the ultimate liquor store. They have everything for your party needs in mass quantity.


    My friend owned a liquor store (sold it a little over a year ago)and gave me carte blanche on ordering beer because she doesn’t drink it. So, I’d get the distributors to give me samples that I handed out amongst the beer lovers that I know. We’d do beer tasting parties. I miss doing that. I think I’ll call ’em all up and do one, even if we have to actually pay for the beer. ;<) We’re still pushing to get WV to allow beer that’s more than 6.0.


    I have been drunk on many bottles of all of these…’scared you might taste something larget boy’


    larger* …shti


    I just thought it odd that we carried Everclear (190 proof), but 6.1 beer might be dangerous.


    If you want some real good microbrews, come to Oregon. Most of this stuff isn’t even sold outside the state. There’s some real good microbrew called Lost Coast in Eureka, CA though. I highly recommend the Downtown Brown.

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