World Response to the Results of the 2008 US Presidential Election

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Expat Obama supporters celebrate at the Orange Tree restaurant and bar in Seoul, South Korea.

Hula dancers raise the cheer at Mermaid Plaza in Fukui, Japan.

Japan’s seaside city of Obama also brought out supporters of its presidential namesake.

Obama’s Kenyan relatives, including his step-grandmother Sarah Obama (center top), party in Kogelo village, Kenya, after his victory.

Teachers and students at Obama’s old primary school in Jakarta, Indonesia, react to the win.

Students swing into party mode in Sydney, Australia.

Bhutanese monks take a break at the Dechen Phodrang monastery to watch the election.

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    I guess the current redneck theory is that the world will invade the USA because the president is too much of a pussy and you can only fight fire with fire, unless you are not American?

    Makes perfect sense.


    Didnt see this one coming…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @njch412: Are honestly blaming a few point drop on Obama? After the market has crashed nearly 40% since March? It’s sunny afternoon here after raining the last couple of days, I guess that’s because of the election, too.


    I know right… Bush gets ingestion and the market tanks due to worries of and impending invasion


    Sure it’s fine if you get excited, but crying over it is simply retarded.


    The markets are going to tank even further. Who want’s to pay a higher capital gains tax. Also it’s smart to do so now because their stocks might only be 75% of their original value. Getting out now means is better then when the stocks drop past 60% or 55% of original value and get slapped with an outragous higher tax rate due to Obama.


    Oh FFS, get over it. The stock market is not going to do itself major damage because we’re changing out Presidents. I hear that happens every four years or so.