Saudi Arabia Holds First Beauty Pageant . . . for Sheep

Goat.jpg (38 KB)

The Dating Game-Saudi style

The contestants scampered down the runway, bleating at their admirers. Poets sang their praises in verse as the male-only audience appraised the competitors’ physical beauty, right down to the length of their necks.

More at foxnews:,2933,445807,00.html

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    It’s called an agricultural fair. They have those in the USA and anywhere else where people breed sheep, or any other livestock for that matter.

    Jesus Christ city folk are idiots.


    She. Is. Hawt.


    Ah surprise, faux news. We ridicule, you laugh.


    Anyone ever heard of the “Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo” ? Same thing..

    This particular sheep looks like a baaaaaaaaaaaah-d girl.


    well, you also dont have political leaders in america like nancy pelosi saying what ayatollah khomeini did…” If the animal which someone had sex with is an edible animal like a sheep, cow, or camel it should be killed (Zebh) and burned. If it is one of the animals which is not usually eaten but is used for riding and transportation, like a horse or donkey, it should be taken out of the city and sold in another city.”



    Alec Dalek

    Perhaps they prefer to have sex with sheep.


    That is one good looking sheep. I’m a Falklander, we know about sheep. For instance, “Baahahahahaha” is the sheep for “yes”, does anyone know the sheep for no?


    Animals only look good on a plate next to some potatoes.


    It’s funny how they didn’t explain how in pretty much all pastoralist societies there are songs or poems in praise of the animals. In fact with the Nuer in the Sudan Africa, the boys take their names from their favorite bulls. It’s kinda of annoying how Fox News present them as backwards zoophiles when all you have to do is take a look from a different perspective.

    purple banana

    At first glance I thought I saw an Afghan hound… Beautiful, but very dumb dogs.

    We have dog breeding championships as well, goats CAN be pets/work animals, and be well bred as well as dogs can.


    He looks more like dog
    am I wrong?
    I see a dog