Congratulations Obama!

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Now give that happy speech/dance so I can get to sleep. 🙂

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    28 Responses ttto Congratulations Obama!

    1. outofocus says:

      And what a great speech it was. 🙂

    2. greenie says:

      …..Well for the first time in my life, I’m legitimately afraid.

      Oh well, Romney in 2012!

    3. dieAntagonista says:

      One love.

    4. Caio says:

      Be afraid greenie.


    5. Kyro says:

      Great thing for the United states & for the World !

    6. kekulus says:

      And then…

      Atlas Shrugged.

    7. TheLotusEater725 says:

      Ah great now half the nation is gonna be on some high horse acting like assholes with unwarranted sense of entitlement and unwarranted self importance and arrogance and…God i hate elections. But then again maybe obama will surprise me and not be a total fucking idiot. It’s going to be interesting watching his term.

    8. bajizzle says:

      There are plenty of celebrations happening in Australia tonight for Obama’s victory (there weren’t any parties organised here in the event of a Republican win anyway though). I for one, am super pleased.
      Congratulations USA, there’s hope for you yet 🙂

    9. deuce says:

      Yeah, don’t worry, not EVERY president in history has been a total criminal sleazeball fuckhead. We’re due for one that won’t thoroughly embarrass us any time now, maybe this is it.

    10. vandal says:

      black jfk now he has to live up to it.

    11. Prepare for some weird shit, speculation, and just plain bewilderment from the right for a while. I think they bought into the last 8 years as reality a little TOO much.

      I’m proud to be an American today for the first time in a long time. No longer will I have to apologize for having an idiot as President when I deal internationally.

    12. one says:

      You still have to apologize for another 2 and a half months.

    13. DwnSyndromeIsGangsta says:

      Maybe a black guy will assassinate him and confuse the shit out of everyone.

    14. dieAntagonista says:

      Wow. Just wow. Hello, this the year 2008. With the technology that is available in the US, and the crazy motherfucking ninja type people and snipers trained by the FBI or whatever, nobody has even the slightest chance to kill Obama.

      He’s probably Jesus or Superman in disguise anyway. And we all know how trying to kill those two worked out.

    15. outofocus says:

      @dieAntagonista: Humans die pretty easily…. and if the right people want it to happen… it will.

    16. dieAntagonista says:

      @outofocus: Eh, why so realistic? Haha. Alright I guess maybe it’s not so impossible. But it sure as hell won’t happen because of some skinhead or any other delusional people.

    17. Two questions: where the fuck is Magnus and where the fuck did all you newfags come from?

    18. RSIxidor says:

      @Snarky Parker:


      Election emotions bringing out lurkers?

    19. Alec Dalek says:

      @thelotuseater725: Sore loser much? This is where you should probably shut the fuck up.

      @Paul_Is_Drunk: I’d buy every Obama voter a beer (if that was that was feasible). The US has made a wise decision, and has removed itself from international ridicule.

      @outofocus: I’m sure they government is tracing your IP address and adding you to a “file” right now. Watch what you say.

      @Snarky Parker: Who the hell are you?

    20. @AlecDalek:
      I bought me several beers… and by beers I mean a bottle of Absinthe. We also gave all the employees yesterday off, and today is mandatory work party day. Woohoo!

    21. jose_lucca says:

      @lotuseater….i agree with AlecDalek, STFU…your dribble is so OLD. Get your head out of your ass, come on out of the cave and see the light of day.

      @snarky parker….you must be magnus’ butt fuck buddy…you should STFU too.

      And to everyone else…yes…a change! But lets not sit back now….we must continue with this momentum, we must take Obama and the Democrats to task…remember: ” …of the people, for the people and by the people.”

    22. keizer says:

      It never ceases to amaze me, I read all of this garbage and wonder if some of you actually believe what you say?
      Don’t cry, don’t hate. This is an easy situation, I’m sure some good will come out of this, just as it has from everything else. Even President Bush, in all of his stupidity has made at least a little good come. Relax, and enjoy the change. Think about all the people that died in the civil war fighting for black freedom. This is great! Anyone who says different, suck it!

    23. SumoSnipe says:

      I’m not afraid of what Obama will do . Or the GOP. No, It’s Nanny Pelosi that scares me. Will she accept him as a leader, or powertrip harder thinking she controls the white house as well as the house of reps?

    24. TheLotusEater725 says:

      @ alex and jose

      I didn’t vote for obama or McCain. And truth be told i am actually happy for obama. As much as i don’t like him he might actually prove my preconceptions wrong and end up being a good president. Which isn’t a bad thing. So in short. NO U!!!1ELEVENTEEN

    25. @RSIixidor: You dumb shit, I was leaning for Obama.

      @AlecDalek: I might not blab off as much as most of you guys, but I do look at the pics and comments…

      @Jose Lucca: You’re the dumbass of the week: the only reason I asked where Magnus was is because he usually has his say on the political pics and everybody usually is against him. Way to jump to assumptions, dipshit.

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