A Proud 2nd Amendment Family

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    I’d let the one on the right go a couple rounds with my cack ‘n bawls

    madhouses visites

    In before “poor trigger control, girls”…


    5 bucks says one of them will have an accidental bullet in the head before New Years day.


    @pedantic I’d rather have the one in the middle

    Luke Magnifico

    Omnomnomnom the one on the right


    Let’s just see how many smart-assed trick-or-treaters we can take down next year!


    And how many of those guns are airsoft?


    madhouses visites: First poor trigger control, girl! Oh and it’s not trigger control…that’s how well you ease/pull the trigger…they have bad trigger DISCIPLINE. I am a dude by the way, and seriously, if you think that something like trigger discipline is trivial, then you are one of the ones ruining it for the rest of us responsible gun owners…


    I don’t mind gun owners, it’s gun nuts I can’t stand.

    You know, the ones who are obsessed with gun culture. The ones who subscribe to the magazines & join “gun clubs.”

    How many firearms does it take to protect your family and property? ONE. Maximum.


    knock knock…whos there?
    Obama who
    Obama I’ve come to take all your guns away.

    Wait thats not funny.
    nope just true.


    Dvergamali: Horseshit.


    pauld: Sometimes joining gun clubs is a prerequisite to owning firearms (like in Germany). Also, not all guns are for protection…what about the hunters or target/sport shooters? You don’t expect hunters to wield a rifle around to shoot an intruder (and everyone behind him/her) do you? Do you expect the hunter to use his high accuracy weapon for hunting? All that banging around can really mess up a long range rifle. And lastly, concealing a rifle/shotgun for carry is difficult at best, not to mention how scared people would get seeing it. I count at least 3 guns…carry gun, hunting rifle/shotgun, high accuracy gun for sport. Is that a nut?

    warren: Actually, it’s a high probability depending on weapon type and capacity. With Democrats OWNING the government, I see at the LEAST the return of the assault weapons ban, and the 10 round capacity limit. Grandfathering probably won’t happen, so those who have items breaking those laws would be required to hand them in…they’ll probably be reimbursed for some items, but at a VERY depreciated value.

    Luke Magnifico

    drdrewusaf: You can have all interest you want in trigger discipline. And you can put yourself on a pedestal, with all the other gun nuts, saying “Oh, you just don’t understand, if you respect guns they’re actually OK”. I don’t care. And that is the thing here. Nobody. Gives. A fuck. No one at all. Except other gun nuts. Seriously, why can’t you just ignore that little voice in your head that says “YES, I MUST educate the people about the benefits of certain barrel types and the vast, vast number of guns I own! I MUST point out the difference between clips and magazines every fucking time, because if I don’t they’ll never learn! And they HAVE to learn, or else they’ll get raped, like, ALL THE TIME! I must save them from RAPE and MURDER!”

    And that is all I have to say on the matter.


    drdrewusaf: There may or may not be another assault-weapons ban or restrictions — I think it would be hard to pass, and I’m not even sure Obama would suggest it since he is a centrist Democrat, not an extreme lefty.

    And your rebuttal doesn’t change the fact that what Dvergamali posted is horseshit.


    LukeV1-5: Yep, and those car nuts say the same thing…right? You don’t understand why I NEED CAI and exhaust and wheels and three V-8 vehicles for daily driving regardless of the environment. Hmmmmm, a lonely 124gr 9mm bullet sitting in my handgun (one of ALL 2 guns that I own…oh shit does that make me a gun nut) securely locked in my safe, or you in you 4000lb car talking to ur buddy on a bluetooth headset at 60Mph in a 45? Or how about a construction worker w/ a nail gun? Guns only have a stigma because the were invented to kill. Cars and nail guns don’t because they weren’t…but they are equally as good at it (You driving like a retard is as dangerous as me handling a firearm like a retard). Yes, I find gun history interesting, I admit it. I’m also interested in computers/technology, photography, physics, anything mechanical, and the history of other cultures/countries…so if I have the chance to inform people of my interests, I will. And maybe one person will read it and think “Huh, learn something everyday…” And you know what, at least I LEARNED about firearms and their history BEFORE purchasing one. I’m not saving anyone from rape or murder. You choice is your own, blatant ignorance is fine by me. At least you know a little bit about it, now, thanks to my post, so you don’t fall into the ignorant category…see, you learn something everyday. By the way, my life HAS been saved via the PRESENTATION, NOT USE, of my carry gun…so I will stand by my beliefs and, you can stand by yours. THAT “is the thing here.”


    10 bucks says the kid on the left massacres a classroom full of kids because people like that are fucking lunatics.

    Luke Magnifico

    Dude, I don’t even have a car. I cycle, because this place is covered with little alleyways, and it’s quicker. But do I come on here, whenever I see a bike-related picture, and say, “Dude, that chainset doesn’t look viable. Look at the rear mech, look at the magnitude configuration. Compare it with the primary sprocket. The transition would probably just shear the block off the freehub, LOL!”?

    No, I don’t.

    Mostly because what I just said is bullshit.

    But also because it would make me look like a massive douchebag.

    I don’t have a stigma about guns. Guns are pretty cool things, and if you kill someone accidentally you shouldn’t have one in the first place. It’s always the fault of the operator, not the device. Unless it’s faulty, in which case it could be the manufacturer’s.

    I just fucking hate douchebags.

    Luke Magnifico

    Also, the fact that you called it, not just a bullet, but a 124gr 9mm bullet, makes you a gun nut.

    I dare you to to say “So this one time I got a clip of shells and put it in my machine gun”.

    Because I don’t think you can.

    Because I think it would tear you apart inside.


    LukeV1-5: It does tear me apart dammit! Fuck. Just kidding, but seriously I do know people that would come up with some crazy bike shit like that, they’re hardcore mountain bikers…bike nuts? Anyway, apples to oranges. Are you really that into bikes? Like you study the function and history and laws as I do guns? Besides there aren’t any politicians (that I know of) trying to ban your right to ride, or how many you can have, or take them away from you. If you were, say, talking about getting yourself an abortion, and you strongly believed in them, then you’d be more in line with what I’m getting at…wait…what?

    My point is, my level of knowledge in a subject doesn’t make me a nut…Doctors = Medical Nuts? True a lot of people don’t care about my knowledge of anything, but again, maybe one does…

    So this one time I got a clip of rounds I put in a magazine for my machine gun.

    I just couldn’t let it go man…

    P.S. They were 124gr 9mm +P rounds… 🙂


    scratch that, 10 bucks says this douche ^^ massacres a classroom full of kids because people like him are fucking lunatics.

    Luke Magnifico

    dub_1211: Now you’re just being a failtroll.


    I hope all the above is true/becomes reality



    Guns only have a stigma because the were invented to kill.

    Is that all?


    If I cannot outlaw the guns I will outlaw the ammunition: Barack Obama


    They are too old for me…

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