Political Operating Systems


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    In before Mac haters.


    I find irony in the fact that Apples are ridiculously expensive when considering how everyone is afraid of Obama taking their money away.



    i love apple, do NOT like obama. i would switch the top 2. cant say i disagree with the bottom 2 though.


    NT 3.1 suits better for McCain. 🙂

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    McCain doesn’t know how to use a computer.





    McCain = Windows 3.0

    Alec Dalek

    Aw, they gave the crappy OS to Obama.

    Here’s how it should go:
    Obama = Linux
    Biden = Windows 2000
    McCain = MS-DOS 3.0
    Palin = See & Say

    Alec Dalek

    Why is it the people that support McCain can’t capitalize, at least on MCS?


    @AlecDalek: See & Say for the win!


    @AlecDalek: Must have something to do with laziness and conservative attitudes going together.


    Obama is gay? That’s a new development O_o


    Honestly, Vista is pretty good these days. And rank me as a Mac…well, not really a hater, but disliker. :p Overrated computers propped up by elitist fans.


    Obama = Mac
    McCain = Windows XP
    Biden = original mac
    Sarah Palin = …yeah that’s about right

    Bob Barr = Windows Vista

    Luke Magnifico

    So, essentially; Obama is shiny and nice, but won’t do shit in the long run except maybe play in a Garage Band of some kind. Maybe with Clinton, they could totally jam. McCain is also shiny and nice, but straight out won’t do shit. And will die, like, all the time. Well, maybe just the once. Once is enough. Biden is reliable, a little slow, and a little dull, but gets the job done in the end. Palin is something you might pick up on the side of the street, fuck around with, then throw away. Well, you guys would… Read more »


    It should be like this

    Obama = Linux
    mcain* = Apple
    Biden = XP
    I agree with the authors view of palin*

    *I hate this person so much that I refuse to give them proper capitalization


    fuck you! (dont take that too seriously – a friendly “fuck you!”) apple is so much better than windows. i dont know much about linux, but at least give credit where credit is due. bill gates can suck it.