Attention Sarah Palin

Attention Sarah Palin

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    DO WANT!


    Yet another reference to Obama as the Messiah.

    Hmmmm, maybe somebody will hang him on a cross and we can see if he stays dead. Personally though I’m betting on him surviving what should be a lethal head wound.

    Alec Dalek

    @DasMaus: You’re really reaching there.


    Never understood the whole messiah thing. I mean A) Conservatives have the die hard Christian loons (that have corrupted your party) B) Fans of any politician go crazy, no matter what side you are on C) McCain sure did I nice job dividing the country with his negative campaigning.

    DasMaus wants Obama assassinated. Conservatives just ooze morality.


    @Puulaahi: At the moment, you seem to be projecting so hard that if I “pointed you at a wall, you would project a power point.” Yahtzee for the win. That said, you randomly pull it out of your ass that DasMaus wants Obama killed. He says nothing to suggest this, he only announces the eventuality that is Obama getting assassinated. Thats right, eventuality. Here to provide my proof, so I don’t sound like a baseless retard, are two dead presidents: Lincoln and Kennedy. Both were decidedly liberal, both introduced revolutionary policy, and both took one in the head for it.… Read more »


    @Dr.Devine: Get some reading glasses Dr. you really need them. Randomly? He announced what he wants to happen. Didn’t need to be said or mentioned or thought. The only reason it would be uttered is because of a deep dark seeded wish.

    Sure VP’s are important but the candidates have different opinions on the important issues of the day.

    Not to mention this image has everything to do with Palin and none with Obama.

    Also no question was raised. Historic Election and you fail.


    He did not. Read the fucking text. He never states that he would like it to occur, he just makes a jesus joke referencing obama surviving a headshot because hes fucking jesus. And to further counter your “but it was implied” argument… no, it wasn’t. And your’re fucking reaching for something to hold onto in an attempt to attack me. Rather than introduce legit counter, you tread back over the same retarded baseless original claim. Admit your wrong, then we can move on to the Vps. Onto VPs. Seeing as Obama(unfortunately) will probably catch a bullet with his head, and… Read more »


    His race is relevant even if the election wasn’t about it(which it shouldn’t be). The first African American presidential candidate and possibly president (plus he is of great character and intelligence, but you believe the baseless smearing of McSame), a female presidential candidate and first female VP candidate. Likely to be the most to vote ever too. In general the election has been exciting too. Where the fuck have you been? As historic as it gets. A joke that is not worth mentioning and has nothing to do with anything. Not to mention deeply fucked up. I have nothing to… Read more »


    See, there you go pulling details that aren’t there out of your ass. I don’t care about either candidate, they both suck no matter what. Learn to deal. I don’t believe either candidates propaganda, and I’m pretty sure neither will keep election promises. Just like every other fucking president in the history of the world. In reality, I’m probably more liberal than anything else. But I’m also a realist. And reality says MCCain is seventy whatever, the average age for a bucket kick in this country, and Obama has enough crazed ex-confederate southerners after him to populate an army. So… Read more »


    bla bla bla bla bullshit. I only painted part of a bigger picture and you get uppity. Sure redneck kkk fucks are out there but that is taboo and not a subject to joke about. Now black jokes, hell yeah. Especially since he will let us down one way or another or not.

    I don’t give a shit about partisan politics either, hell I am registered no party. I am just running around like a shithead. Just like everyone else on this fucking website blowing off steam. I was on the attack too much tonight, definitely.

    Moot indeed, fuckoff dickwit.


    Dick fur.
    No its not taboo. I see no reason it should be. If it’s going to cause me emotional harm or stress, anything I can do to lessen the blow is perfectly within cceptable limits. And, we are on the fucking internet. The word “taboo” does not exist on this space, unfortunately for you. In polite conversation, half the shit on any website would never come up. Ever.

    And do you have any funny black jokes? I can’t remember any, and this thread needs to end with a black joke.


    Actually, surviving a lethal head wound is reference to the Anti-Christ, I suspect.

    If not, that’s frikking insane. This country wouldn’t survive an assassination attempt, successful or not.

    Oh, and boobies.


    This joke is a wee bit racist and dated now, but oh well. President Mother F’n Obama now. Woohoo!

    What does Obama’s slogan CHANGE stand for?
    Couldya Help A Nigga Get Elected


    Thanks for paying attening Dr D. I was simply stating that so many sheeple view Obama as some sort of messianic figure who’s come to save the nation by robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.

    I have no desire to see the president of the US assassinated even if I personally can’t stand him.

    @Puulaahi: you sir, are a typical liberal moron, all for diversity as long as it agrees with your point of view.

    – 100 internets to El Chupachichis for recognizing the anti-christ reference, and 500 for boobies.


    Rofl, great jokes. 😀

    :I just call it as I see it. If it looks weird, or if I see assumptions…. like with most shit people post on the internet…. My bullshit detector goes off. 😀
    And I was in the mood for some arguing. 😀