Salt Lake Temple

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The Salt Lake Temple is the largest (of more than 120) and best-known temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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    Fantastic architecture.


    Why do people make great things for things that dont exist?


    My wife was watching this episode of true life on MTV, the part I caught as I walked by was a mormon teenage girl (she had just converted for some reason) and a mormon guy were getting married here, and the girl’s family was not allowed to attend the wedding because they didn’t have the same imaginary friend she did. Sounds like good family values they’re teaching.


    All in all, though, if I had to pick a Christian sect to be a part of, they’d be it. I was raised in the LDS church ( Technically, they still consider me a member even though I haven’t been to services in 15 years ). They’re generally good people. Less judgmental than a lot of sects I’ve encountered.


    This less judgemental group you speak of is sinking millions of dollars into the the yes on prop 8 campain that is set to deny gay Americans the right to marry that we all have. Sounds like a fantastiic group of people. Making laws that take away rights of your countries people is wrong.


    Damn Penguins! Won’t stay off my door stoop. I’m Theist (not Atheist), and I don’t like any of man’s religions. Adam didn’t have a church. Religion causes WAR.


    etiii ,
    I agree 100%


    I laugh every time i see something on here from Utah. I was at Temple Square last Tuesday, and saw this structure again for like the 10000th time. No, i’m not mormon. I don’t agree with a lot of their beliefs, but they do have their qualities. And as for the family problem where they couldn’t enter the temple. The church teaches that unless your temple worthy (which is basically that your a member in good standing.) you can enter. If your a non member, good luck getting in that place. I believe the pope isn’t even allowed in there.… Read more »


    @flood123: Well, that’s a flaw with most Christian sects, really. Just looking at the overall pciture. Depressingly, there are tons of non-Christians against gay marriage, too. An overwhelming majority tends to vote against it whenever it comes up.
    But, you know, that was the case with giving black people the same rights as white people back in the 60s. Majority rule, minority rights will win out eventually.


    “We dispoil the thin purse of the poor to erect brazen altars and priceless churches when the whole earth is a sacred shrine, the universe a temple through which rings the voice of God.” William Cowper Brann. Jan 1855-April 1898. But, there’s no money in that idea, Bill.