Heart Attack Grill

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Home of The Double Bypass Burger

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    Jesus Christ those are cheap smokes.


    “Beefsteak tomatoes” .. what in the world is that supposed to be.


    @dieFacepalmista, my god, woman. L2tomatoe, ffs. the fine ladies in the post have learned to embrace their role in the world. the least you could do is take a moar proactive role in your wimmmenhood.

    also, how the fuck does one attempt to get this awesome burger inside them??!?


    There is some seriously misplaced pride here in the U.S.

    You know, in ancient Rome it was a sign of manhood to have self-control. Men who couldn’t control their lust and fucked everything that wiggled were seen as less of a man than those who would only indulge occasionally.

    If only it was the same way with eating in the U.S.


    Chopped lettuce? That falls off every bite, give me leaf or give me death!

    Building is way too modern for the name. Need to be more like a diner to be a real burger joint.


    @Recondomoe: Yeah, that last picture looks like a chipolte.


    nommalicious women!


    Wow, those smokes cost too much! Ours are $3.50 a pack (Duty Free). For sale Outside the U.S..


    Alaska’s just went up another 75 cents. Wealthy Tax cut but Tax the smokers. meh

    Luke Magnifico

    @Paul_Is_Drunk: But then you see that their quite successful empire was reigned over by sex-addicted hedonists, for the most part.

    Except for Augustus, and Trajan, and maybe a couple of the Flavians.


    @dieAntagonista: Uh, it’s a type of tomato.


    @Caio: Cheap? That’s 2.35 more than I pay per pack.


    I was going to say “needs more beef”, but this time it seems just right.
    As for smokes, no one in England buys them retail from shops, not at £5.50 a pack (www.the-tma.org.uk/page.aspx?page_id=42) – that’s about $8.70 for you American folks. Black Market rules.


    @natedog: Haha I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

    @MrPsychic: Yea oops, I’ve never heard of those. Thought it was a joke of some kind maybe.


    @dieAntagonista, I don’t know where you are, but if you have eaten at a restaurant in the U.S., you have had a beefsteak tomato. They are one of the top three most common around here. Their cheap, travel well, and have a relatively high amount of “the hard part” of a tomato (as opposed to seeds and the juicy part they are in), so they can be put on things like burgers without making the bun too soggy. Sadly, I for one don’t find them to be all that good tasting. Those are half-pound patties? Those are not! Those are… Read more »


    Jesus Christ Nyoki it must be because you live near Virginia or something.

    I pay $10-12 CND (the ten dollar ones are gross), and even without the taxes $8-ish USD in Montana.


    @WistfulD: Hm I’m in Europe. I looked them up, I don’t think you can get those here actually. Doesn’t sound like I’m missing out on anything though.


    @Caio: It costs me $31.99 for Virginia Slims, and since I almost always have a $3.00 coupon, it costs me a little over $30. I think it cost me ~$3.00 (equivalent) to buy a pack of American cigs in France in the mid to late 70s.


    Those women had better all be registered nurses…


    Thinking of eating something in those pictures alright.