Head in Shoe

catshoe.jpg (42 KB)

Was cat sitting and the darn thing kept sticking its head in my shoes.

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    Special Kail

    Hell yeah, this is new and exciting. Some more fucking cat shit. How fucking refreshing. God damn I don’t know how this site manages to stay so fucking fresh all the time. What fucking genius decided to put a picture of a cat on here? AMAZING!!! BRAVO!!! ENCORE!!!

    Sorry if that seems a little over the top but, shit, this whole pictures of cats thing has been beaten to death.


    @Special Kail: so instead of being a BITCH- submit something better.

    Special Kail

    @Flappycunt: I submit shit all the time, asshole. Go fuck a goat.



    I’m still amazed at people that treat the internet like a real place. I pretty much avoided all of “pet day” myself, but damn it if I didn’t have a cat that loved the smell of my stinky feet. Every day after practice the little bastard would come and rub against my socks.


    ya- cats love to get that little “high” from smelling foot oder- Like how nate likes to beat his wife and skip child support payments.


    One of my cats likes to find bottle caps on the floor, pick them up in her mouth, and carry them over to one of my shoes and drop them in.


    I have a no shoe policy in my house… One of my cats will try to get into the shoes… or if it’s sandals, he’ll roll around on them… and then he smells like feet. It’s so gross.


    yes, Flappycunt, tell us moar of these little tidbits of cat-info you have.

    tell us of your experiences with friction burns caused by the little sandpapery tongues on your beefcurtians.

    or are you strictly a goat fucker?


    @Special Kail: DAAAAAAAAAMN! Someone was beaten as a child and is incredibly angry with the world because mommy or daddy didnt love you the way they should have.

    Let the mud fly!


    @natedog: thats funny-try me. So can i fuck your daughter? where is she now?


    INTERNET FIGHT! O wait… this isn’t very exciting at all.


    @natedog: man, usually you’re funny… why have you been so bitter lately??

    @Flappycunt: yeah, my mother-in-law has an herb for her cats called valerian. it makes them go wayyy crazier than any catnip would. and i shit you not, it smells like over 9000 stinky-ass feet.


    My cat naps on my shoes. She has the decency not to rub her fricken face in it though.


    Doin’ it wrong. Shoe ON head stupid cat!


    Cats have a carving for the salt in human sweat, that’s why they do this nasty stuff.