My Pets and Rescues

ALLPETS.jpg (79 KB)

These are some of my pets and rescues. I alwaya have new rescues coming in and out of my home but these ones are here to stay.

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    the skorpion is soo damn scary i would never come close to you man … but fact thou the bigger the skorpion the less lethal …


    Weenie Dogs are da’ best lap dogs.


    Snake hates camera?


    Hubby and I are considering becoming a foster family for the local Humane Society. Has anyone else done this?


    Just make real sure your neighbors are good with it, and cleared with the neighborhood association, if you have one, Nyokki. My friend Quillan ended up taking a disagreement over her animals to city hall. But if all’s well, you have the heart to do it, More power to you. Post pics of the new additions ok?


    @SumoSnipe: Thanx for the heads-up. No neighborhood association here. We purposely stayed away from sub-divisions and the like. It’s unbelievable the restrictions in some of those places. I’ve got a pic that should post in a couple of hours that’s an ~200 deg panoramic view of my yard. I don’t think the neighbors will be a problem. ;)p


    Awesome! What kind of snake is that?


    I don’t officialy foster…I don’t think that once I have an animal come in to my life, I’ll be able to let them go….My 2 youngest dogs came to me from folks that didn’t want to take em to the shelters. My boys now, they not going anywhere except the family ranch. And man its early, . Ouch, I just got the snakes name.


    Is it wrong that I have eaten most of the animals in these pictures????
    That includes the snake and scorpion.


    I thought so. Cool.

    Eww, you ate a dove?! Lol.
    I’ve done a lot of survival camping with my dad and my uncle, and I’ve eaten snake and scorpion and rabbit before, plus numerous birds and rodents. I ate dog in China once but I’d never eat a cat. I’ll subsist on bugs and stuff before I ever willingly harm a feline. Mind you, with all the chinese food I’ve eaten, I probably have eaten cat at one point or another.