My pet Westie, Shelby

Shelby pre skunk.jpg (349 KB)

Shelby Post Skunk.jpg (341 KB)

Pics before and after her up close and personal encounter with a skunk. Full face blast, and the tomato juice myth does not work. Vet said just to shave her down. The smell was what I would expect from being near Caio. Lingers for months!

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    Unfortunately, I can’t shave Ralph (my black lab) when he gets skunked, which happens too often. I usually just end up washing him over over.


    Piss works well, seriously! Next time your dog gets skunked just piss on him and let it marinate for a bit.


    borongas: That’s ok, I’ll just keep bathing him.


    Aw this dog is way cute.


    My dogs tackle skunks quite often., Try mouthwash to cut the stench. The alcohol reacts with the sulphur-based compound they spray. Then shampoo them a few times. I had a Westie for 13 yrs and he was always getting into it with the skunks.

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