My Pet Kitty – Leelee

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I miss my Leelee. He lives halfway across the country with my mom. This is when I went to visit a few months ago… he LOVES climbing on my shoulders. Sorry the pictures are blurry, we have a lame camera.

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    I look weird in this picture but you can see my cat napping on my shoulders… crazy cats.


    He looks a bit big for shoulder sitting. Funny bird cat.


    it looks weird because your light filter is set on something other than ‘automatic’ or ‘inside’ – mostly it is set on ‘outside’

    when taking pictures where there are florescent bulbs and little to no natural light, have it set on ‘inside’ or ‘auto’


    Flammy: Actually *I* (not it) looks weird because I don’t look very much like myself in that picture. It’s a built-in webcam with NO lighting controls.

    I am actually quite adept as gauging white balance and setting my camera up accordingly. It’s a good thing or else the wedding I’m shooting next weekend might not come out so well.

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