My Pet cat – Gizmo

gizzy3.jpg (292 KB)

6.22.06 – 9.26.08
R.I.P Gizzy

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    So sad. Black and whites are always beautiful.


    Why so young? 🙁 (If it’s a really tragic story, just tell me he went to live on a farm.)


    We got my kitty from the local Humane Society. She was in bad shape, abused and had an infection in her uterus. Her ears were so impacted w/ mites that she’s completely deaf. They were going to put her down and my son was horrified. So we agreed to pay for her vet care and were able to adopt her. I’d say it took me 2 years to get her to bond to me. I let her walk all over me and never pet her past her willingness to put up w/ me. I used food to get her to come to me and then would per her for a short time. I did this over and over. While I would not she is friendly now, she’s definitely mine.


    Cats can be so random. Some love everyone, and some choose only one human to love. My kitty Kia (the grey one in my pictures) has some serious trust issues. I’ve had her since she was 4 mos old and she’s never been abused, but I’m the only one she trusts completely. She runs and hides from everyone else who tries to pet her. My other kitty, Aria, is an attention whore. Especially with men! LOL!

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