My dog and horse – Paco and Glen

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The dog collection is a combination of the neighbor’s dogs and mine. Left to right: Paco, Logan, Brodie (2 corgis and border collie puppy).

Glen several years ago, he’s much fatter now (pinto/paint).

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    Awesome horse. I had one too a few years ago. Ah fat horses are much cuter anyway.


    The most difficult horse I ever tried to ride was a Shetland pony. Fat may be cute, but difficult for the small legs of a 9 year old girl.


    Haha of course, it’s a different story with ponies. Though they’re a little fatter in general anyway, right.


    If they had had camcorders way back then, I’m sure it have been hysterical viewing. I’m trying to ride this very barrel shaped pony, bareback, and I just kind of keep sliding to one side and then the other, desperately trying to hold on w/ my knees.

    tiki god

    @nyokki: wat?

    I’ve always thought that bareback was a sexual term. you were riding …uh…wait, what?


    @tiki god: It’s all about context. Keep your filthy mind out of my childhood memories. ;)p