Halloween – Childhood Fears

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    That little girl is really scary.


    Not as scary as the clown. I’m coulrophobic as hell.


    Thanks demon now i can’t sleep, iam going to have some fucked up dreams.


    Somebody need to redo these with pedo bear


    Anybody else notice that the blocks in the second picture say ‘Daddy no’?


    RC: Holy shit you’re right. Seems like a pedo bear might actually be appropriate.


    In all honesty, I don’t think these fears are limited to childhood.

    tiki god

    god damn, I have had every single one of these fears. I still have 1/2 of them.


    She’s freakin me out on the stairs like that! Somebody kill it w/ fire! Pl e a s e…


    I’m pretty sure the second from the bottom is from It. A movie that at first creeped me out, and then I finally watched the end (I was a kid) and I was like . . . really?


    RSIxidor: I was 10 years old when my brothers thought it would be fun to take me to see “The Exorcist” on 70mm screen in NYC. I have trouble to this day watching it. The rational part of my brain says “Fuck that! It’s not real.”, the emotional part screams “Don’t look!” Now that I think about it, I need to ask my brothers how the hell they got me in. I will never ever ever ever forget (that same night) the image of my younger sister standing on the stairs, back lit, asking me what’s wrong.


    As a child I was forbidden to watch horror movies. This meant, of course, that I saw them EVERY chance I got. To this day I’m a huge fan of the genre. The only truly scary moments I can remember from all of those are two scenes. One was of a guy at an old-fashioned wash basin. He splashes water on his face, and when he takes his hands away his face is covered in leeches. He’s screaming as he’s pulling them off and the blood is flowing. The other was much simpler. It was a nun, backlit, floating about six inches off the floor toward the camera. My mind says that these scenes were in the same movie, but I’ve not yet seen them again.


    I had night horrors as a kid, so anything resembling scary I would lay awake all night and think about it, up to the point when I was 15 my dad bought me a night light. At 18 I still cant sleep without it unless I am sharing the bed with my boy, and still I cant sleep near the door, I have to be against a wall. -_- When I think about it the next morning I feel stupid, but during the night I am so obsessed with shadows, and any slight movement/sound in the room and will stay awake for hours =[


    asphyxxia: …and you named yourself asphyxxia? Srsly though, my cousin had, well still has, night terrors. There not nearly as bad now as they were when he was your age. I know for a while he was on a med that helped. I think it considered a disorder and not just fear.


    The only thing close to childhood hears I ever had was this drug-like half dream kinda thing of the tree in my back yard and a weird dream about the blinds, which was sort of a size/distance kind of trip…kind of hard to explain.

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