DIY Elf Ears

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1. Find a pair of scissors. The sharper the better. The scissors you have from kindergarten should be fine.
2 Score some rubbing alcohol. Take a few shots.
3. Ask yourself, “Do I really want elf ears?” If the answer is no, repeat step 2, possibly alternating shots and bong hits.
4. Cut a triangular chunk out of your upper ear. You should be bleeding at this point.
5. Sterilize a needle with a lighter, thread with fishing line or yarn, and sew your ear back together in the desired shape.
6. Put some tape around your ear to hold it together and prevent strain on the stitches.
7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for the other ear.
8. Take a picture, preferably topless.
9. If you are a chick, send me that picture. If you are a dude, throw it away, I don’t care about your elf ears.
10. If you are hot, I will marry you.
11. Change your name to Zelda.

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    Repost. At least, I think it is…. maybe I’ve just seen it before… eh.


    Who the fuck would something like this?


    That looks just terrible. But yea, if it makes them happy.


    enjoy your sepsis!




    I seriously hope that this wasnt a DIY job.
    If you are going to have something like this done, go and see a professional.


    This reminds me of those weirdoes who have horns surgically implanted in their head, yes I have personally seen them (infact, I drank quite a few beers with them, nice enough but strange).

    You know, pointed ears can be done with super glue. Just put a little glue near the top if each ear and lightly pinch to make a point. It’s painless, non-permanate and holds for about 4 hours or so until natural body oils release the glue. My daughter does this about everytime she goes to a costume party.


    Ukwarlock: Just make sure you see the right professional.


    “Grandma, why do you have pointy ears?”
    “Well, see, when I was young, we played these games and they had these creatures called “elves”. I thought they were really cool and wanted to be like one, so….”

    tiki god

    Tyger42: elves have been around for decades. centuries in fact.


    Oh I see what you did there : >

    Seriously though, I spent a good three months looking into the (scarce) studios that would do my branding, and funnily enough the one that was the best does the ear pointing as well. Having seen his set up, I’d be happy to have him carve away at me. Rather that than a mate with a swiss army knife.


    I see you take posts from geekologie…

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