Publick Urinal

Publick Urinal

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    The future is the past. Based on this image.


    Fuck you guys!


    wait wwhy? what the hell I do this time?


    What’s that, a picture in front of his face, to make peeing easier or something. And I can’t see any hole on the ground, so does that mean they have to stick their penises in some hole in the wall of that thing or what.
    I’m appalled to say the least.

    bright green

    We have these in London.


    its the communal hole and there is sword fighting going on


    While I have no problem with an open urinal stall in a restroom or a tree off the highway or campsite….nope. have to be very desperate to use that thing.


    i’d hit that


    SumoSnipe: Lemme just say that guys do not need any new places to pee. The world is your urinal. I, on the other hand, have to search for suitable WCs, which are few and far between sometimes.


    Ya know, I actually like this. There’s way too much taboo about urinating. It should be seen as the equivalent of blowing your nose or spitting phlegm!


    Both of which are disgusting and shouldn’t be done in public either. It’s so gross when people spit in public. Maybe if there were spitoons next to garbage cans or something, but still. Yuck. So crude. People who spit in public should be slapped. Uncivilized and sick.


    sylvanish: “People who spit in public should be slapped. Uncivilized and sick.”
    As long as it’s not a woman, a white, anglo-saxon, christian, middle-class male or a kid. That would be wrong.


    sylvanish: Okay, but I’m sure you’d react differently to someone spitting in public (say, in a trash can) and urinating in public (as in the picture).

    And really? Blowing your nose in public is disgusting? Well fuck, I guess they better place Kleenex right next to the condoms, so the two can partner up as society’s dirtiest secrets that must always remain hidden from the public eye. Next time I see a girl blowing her nose, I’ll smack the bitch and let her know “sylvanish” does not approve.



    I used one of these outside of a bar in Rotterdam. The one I used didn’t have the “door” however. And it was next to a bridge, so everyone on the bridge could watch you piss.


    “I can’t go if you look at me…”


    what about taking a shit?
    washing your hands?

    Alec Dalek

    I sense a great penis envy in this thread.


    I know exactly what you’re talking about! Unfortunately it was February and I almost froze my kibbles ‘n’ bits off.


    There are some of these in Manchester, England.

    I used one at about 2 in the morning. There is a little hole you can piss in.

    Its not something you could do in the middle of the day because you stand there and a little voice in your head goes “This is weird” while everyone around you looks at you funny.

    Not too bad at stupid o’clock when everyone around you is pissed.


    : dammit all I got is a butterknife…..


    So true.

    What you do not get from the picture is the “why”.

    In areas where you have so many drunk motherfuckers pissing on buildings, cars, tram and train stops, sitting benches, doors to homes and businesses, etc… you need some kind of target / magnet so that you don’t smell piss everywhere.

    Anyone who has used the Amsterdam main train station will know what I am talking about.

    A giant fire hydrant would probably work even better because it would encourage pissing on one leg and making dog noises, therefore attracting more drunken assholes.


    ack: not only amsterdam lol not only amsterdam, i forgot where but close to den haag is a place where the whole train station smells like shit, always and not the spring shit smell. i mean serious bad smell


    I’ve seen those in South Africa. They didn’t even have the little gate to hide your ass.


    Wait… Is that like… a mirror in front of him on the wall, at jaw level? I think I see a blonde in it… Unless it’s a picture… Or a hole? Ok I don’t like where this is going, I going to stop now.

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