nemesis required

nemesis required

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    Alec Dalek

    Dr. Horrible should really contact this guy.


    for $350 i’d at least call his phone and then hang up RIGHT WHEN HE ANSWERS.

    or ding dong ditch, or flaming bag of poop, or occasionally take all the toilet paper out of the bathroom after he eats mexican food.


    “or occasionally take all the TP out of the bathroom after he eats mexican food.”



    I see a lawsuit in the future for whoever takes this offer.


    Aw Tiki. With minions like us, who needs a nemesis?

    The Ameristapo

    This actually sounds like fun. I’d take it.

    Special Kail

    This guy is the coolest motherfucker ever.


    Wow, there’s actually a market for my dream job.


    Ya, Id be the perfect nemisis, but does dr evil ask for one HUNDRED… dollars. No…

    He asks for ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS. This offer is something youd ask a coworker to do. Up it to 350 a week, now we got a part time job and a true nemisis.

    Special Kail

    350 is more than i make in a week…


    You’re right – this guy needs to remember pissing people off costs time and money, maybe he needs to up his offer a bit.


    I could totally do this… I wonder if he’s still looking…


    Just go to a local bar and keep hitting on waitresses. Eventually you’ll get an Arch-Nemesis.

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