jesus on a pogo stick

jesus on a pogo stick

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    Testing MCS and google gears…


    Jesus Christ

    I stayed on that think for about forty seconds. Was pretty awesome.

    Jesus Christ

    that thing*


    Jesus Christ: Ha. I stayed on that bad boy for 2 minutes, after you went to drink some beer with John.

    Alec Dalek

    What’s Milton Waddams doing there?


    if you’re following the dead milkmen’s version, shouldn’t it be Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick?


    You know that Johnny Werzner kid – the kid who delivers papers in the
    neighborhood? He’s a fine kid. Some of the neighbors say he smokes
    crack, but I don’t believe it. Anyway, for his 10th birthday, all he
    wanted was a burrow owl, just like his old man. “Dad, get me a burrow
    owl. I’ll never ask for anything else as long as I live”. So the guy
    breaks down and buys him a burrow owl. Anyway at 10:30 the other night I
    go out into my yard and there’s the Werzner kid looking up in the tree. I
    said, “What are you looking for?” He said, “I’m looking for my burrow
    owl.” I say, “Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Everybody knows that a
    burrow owl lives in a hole in the ground! Why the hell do you think they
    call it a burrow owl, anyway?!” Now Stuart, do you think a kid like that
    is gonna know what the queers are doing to the soil?


    Nice sandals, Jesus.


    i think i just got one of those mancrush things on suicydking


    Jesus Christ: It’s a shame you didn’t see me be zombie you.


    suicydking: POW! HE WAS DECAPITATED!!

    Jesus Christ

    w0x: I totally saw. It was pretty bad ass. You deserve your own gospel.

    Jesus Christ

    awfulintentions: Thanks, bro. Joseph taught me how to make them bad boys. He’s pretty righteous.

    Jesus Christ

    Kaze: Neat, bro. You need to cut it though since mine isn’t even that long. Did you chemically straighten it finally? I told you to but hey, you never listened to me.


    Ya, I saw this, and I knew there was a joke to the picture but couldnt remember what and then randomly started listening to my music that I have on my work computer, and dead milkmen came on and I went “JUMPING JESUS ON A POGOSTICK! ITS A JUMPING JESUS ON A POGO STICK!”

    Insanely Rational

    Hey, Jesus Christ, I’ve always wanted to ask you something. When you said “he who is free of sin cast the first stone”, what did you mean? That no one should cast a stone? Or that you wanted to cast the first stone yourself?

    I’ve always wondered about that…


    Jesus finally got off his ass. Where are the palm fronds?

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