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i think that it is hilarious that there is a britney spears poster in the back.


swallow or its going in your eye


If you’ve got that much sperm in your mouth, I don’t think that should be your only std-related worry


This is unacceptable.


This ad doesn’t make much sense, the site is solely in German.


@Zen: I think the point is that she still has it in her mouth and is looking it up…


@Zen: That’s not German, I think it’s Norwegian or something.
It’s considered hip to have ads in English, in most European countries.


Would there would be a statistically significant difference between holding it in your mouth and swallowing?


@nyokki: I think for some diseases, once it’s in your mouth it’s too late anyway. But I think there’s a difference with others, depending on whether or not you have any open wounds in you mouth.
I’m not a doctor so what I just said is probably bullshit.

If you think somebody might have an std, you shouldn’t put your mouth on any body part of him/ her in the first place. This is so ridiculous.
The question should be, Am I old and mature enough to trust my own judgement about other people.


@dieAntagonista: The question should be, should i be taking an ad this seriously?


I’m not taking the ad seriously, I’m taking the stupidity of kids not much younger than me seriously.


@nyokki: No. The STDs one has to worry about in regards to mouth and genital contact are going to affect the mouth/throat (like herpes, hpv, blood related, yadda).

I had a friend in 5th grade who was positive that her older sister got pregnant by giving a guy head. I had already read all of my mother’s sex books but she refused to believe me.

@dieAntagonista: I don’t think it’s about trust in the beginning… it’s about everyone getting tests and comparing results. After that, it becomes about trust.


@outofocus: Yes you’re right in a way. But you wouldn’t want to get involved with anybody who slept with countless people and might have an std, in the first place right? Or could you imagine falling in love with anybody, and then after being together for a while demanding that he/she gets tested. I mean what would you do then, if they’re willing to do that, and if they do have an std? Break up? And I meant one’s judgement really. Only trust, is naive of course. “that her older sister got pregnant by giving a guy head” that’s hilarious.… Read more »


@outofocus: That’s what I figured.

@dieAntagonista: Teaching high school was an experience in sexually stupid teens:

Vaginal sex = STD, pregnancy
Oral sex = no STD, no pregnancy
Tossing salad = no STD, no pregnancy
Anal sex = maybe AIDS, no (other)STD, no pregnancy
Kissing = herpes, mono, no (other)STD, no pregnancy
On the pill = no STD, no pregnancy
Condoms = no fuckin way, no STD, no pregnancy

These students convinced me that we needed to talk to ours about all of this.


Hey guys! Guess what I am!!


A Zit! Get it?



Haha oh gee. (I had to look up ‘Tossing salad’)
Oh yeah I’m certain. There’s no better place than a school to find out how little teens actually know. Sadly.

Brevity Truta

Not draughthorse sperm, like she evidently has, anyway.


You can if it’s mine 😉

The .BE address makes me think Belgian.


Basically it all has to do with what your parents/friends say and your intelligence…but when your a desperate virgin (or horny for that matter) you can really care less about STD’s to be honest…

My advice: Wear a condom and boxers (to prevent crabs and skin contact, etc)

Of coarse I doubt anybody will do this…when you see vagina in your face it’s hard to care about a condom or std’s…

purple banana

I’m a nurse. Yes, you can get a variety of STDs in your mouth. Anywhere there’s a break in a mucousal membrane, like your eyes, mouth, nose (very rare, but I have seen gonorrhea sores in someone’s nostril before) and of course, the penis and vagina. Certain types of STDs may have a higher chance of appearing in the genital/anal area, but I can assure you, you can get syphilic lesions in your eyes and mouth 🙂


@purple banana:
‘I can assure you, you can get syphilic lesions in your eyes and mouth :)’ My god. D:


they still make girls that don’t swallow?


@natedog: Yep, there’s a cult of women who gargle and spit. You can find video lessons online.


@dieAntagonista: I think getting tested in the beginning is the best way. It think it’s just realistic… I don’t believe in romantic beginnings anyhow. There are a fair amount of STDs (again, like herpes, hpv, etc) that people get and have for the entirety of their lives. I’m not sure that it’s really fair to break up with someone because they have it (unless they lied about it). The reported stats on herpes is that 1 in 5 have it but 80% are unaware because of mild or lack of break outs (but they still shed and pass the virus).… Read more »


@outofocus: Oh you don’t believe in romantic beginnings? How exciting, I prefer a rational way of dealing with things like that as well. Some people call me heartless.
Yeah those are some scary statistics you found there.
Though as concerned as I am, I don’t think I could ask anybody to take a test before I know them better. Especially with people you just met. With friends/ acquaintances you kind of know already what they’re all about.


@dieAntagonista: Yeah, I’m not saying you know, swap phone numbers and test results or anything. Most of my relationships started from friendships, so I had a good sense of who they were… but the fact that there are all sorts of things that the body can hang onto without symptoms (like trichomoniasis which often does not show in men but is very uncomfortable for women) makes me feel that getting tested is worthwhile. Planned Parenthood has a 10 minute HIV test now which makes it pretty damn easy. It’s one of those subjects that even good people will avoid being… Read more »


@dieAntagonista: Oh, and I’ve totally been accused of being heartless… I’m slow to engage… I’ve never understood “I love you” three months in… but then I’ve never understood the whole sex within a designated number of dates either.


@outofocus: you know ppl can go to jail for that. if they are infected and they spreading it


@MonkeyHitman: I don’t know. I looked up law suits that have been filed in CA courts and there wasn’t anything about people going to jail for non-life threatening diseases. I did tell the ex-roommate that she could possibly be sued if any of those partners found out. The other friend is in the UK (but I did reprimand her). I’ve talked to my sister at length but she’s really afraid to tell her BF. I told her that if anything, she needs to tell him about the hep C because someday it will make her sick and he should know… Read more »


@dieAntagonista: Both of you are noobs… if a site ends in .be, maybe it’s BElgian?? ;)?


I’m from Belgium and it is a Belgian ad (in Dutch). The ad is normally in Dutch, not in English. Maybe they entered an international competition with this thing and translated it.

There’s also a clip on youtube from this:


@flyingcat88: Argh. Yeah you’re right, fail.