Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai

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    Omg, she’s so hot


    who is she?


    nobody knows: I believe she’s Aishwarya Rai.


    She’s an actress from India.


    She is a famous Bollywood Actress and Miss World 1994. Do want!


    I don’t like Bollywood movies. What a nasty way to ridicule Indian culture. Maybe I’ve seen just the wrong ones, but god how many shitty Bollywood movies can there be.


    Dude that’s Aishwarya Rai!


    Wait… Ridicule? East Indians love those things. If anything they are a fundamental component part of modern Indian culture.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    She’s hot in this pic, but I googled her and found that she looks bitchy in more than half of her pictures. I don’t usually judge people by appearance, but the appearance of bitchiness is a tell-tale sign of bitchiness.


    35 and looking exotic/fucking hot.


    Hey the picture is back.

    I know many Indians and none of them like Bollywood movies. I’m not Indian but even I feel offended. Again, maybe I’ve seen just the wrong ones.



    Great. So you know like 10 out of a couple billion?
    Movies are stupid mmmkay.



    If a couple billion were to agree with me, I would be honestly very worried.

    Brevity Truta

    Home-grown kitsch might be cringeworthy to some, but it’s never insulting. How can such innocent, energetic love be insulting?! It’s a celebration, just a gaudy one.

    Brevity Truta

    And yes she is georgeous.

    Lol, Die, then we would have to call you Der!


    Brevity, yeah you’re right about kitsch being only cringeworthy, but there are some people who watch those movies and really think they’re realistic.

    ‘Die, then we would have to call you Der!’ Very nice. You continue to make my day.

    Brevity Truta

    Haha thank you, Die, you make it easy =)

    Hmmm, so seems to me perhaps you and your Indian friends worry that foreigners think less of India because of Bollywood’s image?

    Bollywood inspired our very own Baz Luhrmann (especially in Moulin Rouge), who understands epic storytelling, melodrama, and kitsch as a true artiste. It might be a case of Austria’s just not a Bollywood kind of place, and that isn’t a bad thing, just different.

    I don’t know though, you might have to go on a search for the heart of Bollywood in your city =)

    Brevity Truta

    I mean foreigners to India, speciaifcally Austrians; that was a bit badly-worded!




    Y’know. Bollywood to me just seems like American musicals (especially those made in the 30s-60s). Simple plots, hammy, over the top acting (owing more to vaudville than to movie acting), and plots that can’t be taken literally seriously. Both seem utterly ridiculous if you try to view them without an understanding (and acceptance) of the underlying shorthands of the genre.

    Brevity Truta

    Good point, WistfulD. I was just thinking one of the best, most heartwarming, and yet serious musicals ever made is set in Austria, too =)


    Brevity Truta: Really? Which one would that be? I know we’ve got a bunch of famous operas and whatnot, but other than that.

    ‘Bollywood inspired our very own Baz Luhrmann’ That’s awesome I didn’t know that. Well what can I say, I think you’re right. Again.
    And It wasn’t badly worded at all. I just changed my mind. Haha what a strange day.


    have never seen a full bollywood. any suggestions for one that won’t make me hate the whole genre?


    dieAntagonista: Are your Indian friends FOBs or have they been in the states for awhile? My indian friends who either were raised here or moved here as teens are not into Bollywood movies (with occasional exception, such as the film, Lagaan which is actually pretty good) but my friends who basically FOBs totally enjoy them.

    I have seen a few that I really enjoyed… granted I have only seen maybe 10.


    outofocus: Aw I don’t live in the states ^_^
    I’m from Europe. And all of them except for one were born here in Europe. I just realised that none of my Asian friends likes the way their culture is portrayed in movies. Just like you said, especially those who were born here.


    she looks so fappable but eviiiilll


    i hate her… i have a dout that she had sex with salman khan… and so on


    She was Miss World 1994




    Apparently, i can call her for 3.9 cents a min. (the add below)


    She’s so damn gorgeous!

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