Say No To Violence Against Women

Say No To Violence Against Women

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    i want to punch her in the face. tis no woman, tis a botox pinata.


    More like 7-head.

    bright green


    Luke Magnifico

    Why is her forehead so tall? It intimidates me.


    How about saying “no” to violence against people in general? Sheesh, society acts like adult males are immortal…

    Women already have longer life spans than men. We need Tom Cruise on a poster promoting our safety!


    Tom needs to promote the correct way to jump on a couch for us men.


    So much for equality of the sexes…


    this picture makes me want to roughly throatfuck a woman. probably not the desired effect of the UNIFEM.


    Is there a significant # of people saying YES to violence against women?

    tiki god

    nyokki: guess you missed 9/10 of the comments before yours?


    what do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

    Nothing you havent already told her twice.


    tiki god: I guess you missed the facetiousness of my remark. I’ll make sure to wink next time. I doubt there are many publicly saying YES to violence against women.

    Alec Dalek

    yawn: Agreed. It’s all or nothing. So this pic is bullshit! It won’t accomplish anything good, and was probably a huge waste of funds. This was probably started by some chick that thought she was untouchable but got beat up once after pushing that someone too far. Violence is never justified, but you share some of the blame if you didn’t do everything in your power to avoid it and actually encouraged it.


    tits or gtfo


    United we stand..
    Divided we fall…

    Feminism has another splinter group….
    Just another “Sect” for those feeling powerless…

    Pray John/Sarah doesn’t get elected…


    tits or gtfo


    Gotta love how things are taken out of context.

    Sorry, it is NEVER, okay to hit anyone, whether man, or women, child, etc, etc, or whether they ‘had’ it coming this or that.

    Women and minorities are still far more likely to be victims of violence then the average white anglo saxon protestant male. Sorry, that is an actual statistic.

    Anyone who wishes violence upon another person, or encourages it, or says shit like, “I’d like to throat rape her,” should seriously check into their local psychiatric ward.


    Why do I suddenly feel like smacking you around?


    Why is she not in the kitchen?

    ***what do you do when your dishwasher breaks down?

    **kick her and tell her to get back to work.


    @...awfulintentions: Ah, well… I generally agree with you. Violence against people who can’t protect themselves is wrong… I don’t think it’s okay for someone to smack someone else around just because they have differing opinions or had a stressful day at work. That said, I have been in a few situations where giving someone a good smack or four was necessary and solved a lot of problems… not to say that I didn’t try to problem solve beforehand but some people are just dense. I think that abuse against white men is under reported. Our society shoves the arcane ideas… Read more »

    Special Kail

    awfulintentions: Statistically speaking, White anglo saxon males are the least likely to report any type of domestic abuse.




    outofocus: I agree 100%.


    WTF is a “Goodwill Ambassador” anyway? Must be one of the lamest job titles ever.


    The posting was something like this:

    Goodwill ambassador for UNIFEM:

    Requirements: Be a woman celebrity, no ambassadorial experience required
    Responsibilities: Take pictures and videos doing what we say you believe. Don’t attempt any actual ambassadorial duties.


    Ack, I wish you could try to smack me around, because I think you would quickly find yourself lying on the ground finding out that you’ll never have children.

    While I despise uncalled for violence, doesn’t mean I won’t defend myself. I have taken a variety of martial arts and self defense classes because of shit headed men who think they can get away with smacking a woman around.


    awfulintentions: I just cheat.


    UNIFEM sounds like a fucking form of contraception.


    24601: Lol, that was the first thing I thought of too.


    Wow, I never thought of Nicole Kidman as a racist.


    awfulintentions: If they’re attacking me, then damn skippy it’s okay for me to hit them. Yes, even if they are a woman. Fuck the double standard. Women want equality, there you go. I’ll never hit anyone if they haven’t hit me first, but if they do, I don’t give a rat’s ass if you got boobs or not.


    Tyger42: Theoretically, I’m w/ you. However, in reality, no matter how hard a punched my son or hubby, I couldn’t do a lot of damage. If either of them hit me, I’d be down for the count and on my way to the ER. Of course, as I said, I cheat. I would never try to win a fight w/ my fists, not when a telephone or the odd 2×4 might be handy.


    nyokki: Well, that’s where the restraint comes in. If someone slaps me, a similar slap back may be appropriate…but not a punch. :p In general, when it comes to hitting, my view is just enough to put a stop to the situation that caused me to throw blows in the first place.


    @nyokki: yup. clue x4 for the win


    1) everyone’s a badass on the internet (because who’s going to prove them wrong). 2) Everyone’s a misogynist on the internet (since I might be deathly afraid of woman in real life, but saying they belong in the kitchen or that I’d throatfuck her on the internet is easy, since no one will ever call me out on it). 3) Celebrities deserve ridicule just for existing, especially if they are promoting some social cause, at their own expense (because if they really cared about a cause, they would dedicate their whole life to it, instead of spending some time also… Read more »


    Wistful people will now hate you here for months.


    Hint to younger women: Never, ever sneak up on your man and jump on him. I did that once and went flying through air and luckily(in more ways than one), I landed on the bed (via the headboard). Ouch! Though I have to admit the I’m so sorry sex was exceptional.


    “First”, “in b4…”, “Om NOM”, and “tits or GTFO” are the most common responses on this site.

    Do you really intend to make a moral stand here??

    Now I really think you need a smack to the head.

    Luke Magnifico

    I say NO to violence against pandas.

    And sure, wimminz too, if it has to be part of the deal.

    As long as the pandas are protected.


    ….surrounded by pears? That sounds terrifying O.O


    oh man, i really have seen the error of my disgusting pig ways.

    never will i make a joke on the internet again.

    through public shaming i have learned that the internet is serious business.


    wow, shes going bald.


    WistfulD (UID#5057) on October 30th, 2008 2:17 am …I’d like to see you say them in public surrounded by your pears. @...WistfulD: ROFLMAO… I agreed with everything you said until paragraph 4. Then I promptly almost fell out of my chair laughing. Literally- when I read that last line. Talk about choking on the horse. Anyway, every time I see one of these I can’t help but think of this: Yes, it’s been edited to enhance the pain 🙂 but I know of a lot of women who do this and then are then outraged if they get hit… Read more »


    Phyreblade: That wasn’t violence against Dolph, that was foreplay. He clearly wasn’t physically hurt. He stopped her when she attempted to punch (rather than slap). He also clearly knew he’d done something to provoke that action from her.

    All that said, I’ve seen what you’re talking about, psychologically. The things people do to each other when a divorce is imminent is horrendous. It can be pure psychological warfare. The longer they’ve been together, the worse it gets, and that’s not including any kids that become part of the war.


    @...nyokki: Indeed, Dolph certainly wasn’t exactly getting the stuffing knocked out of him or anything, I included the vid more for it’s comic value than anything else. 😀 And you are right, he did know fully well why he happened to be on the receiving end of that particular slapfest, and he responded correctly. However not every man is as He-Manly as Dolph (pun intended), and more often than not, it isn’t truly clear to many men what brings about these kinds of reactions. So they just react to being attacked. Personally, I don’t subscribe to the school of thought… Read more »


    @...Phyreblade: There will always be inconsistencies in acceptable behavior when it comes to gender. Equal =/= same. Fairness is a construct. It is impossible (in every sense of the word) to be fair. I’ve seen women drive their man to violence and not had much sympathy for her. What always seems to be true, however, is that both parties have done things to un-inhibit themselves (usually drugs or alcohol)and then find themselves unable to cope in any normal way. Normal people restrain themselves. I make it a point (for every reason)to not let things get so out of hand that… Read more »


    @...nyokki: I cannot argue that inconsistencies can be entirely eliminated, nor that fairness is not a construct. However I disagree that it is impossible to be fair. I would also argue that the knowledge that we may be unable to reach a perfect solution should not mean we stop trying to achieve a workable one. Your description about how you and your hubby try to interact with each other, is what I, at least, would consider a very fair approach to dealing with problems, in spite of the prevailing gender bias. Even if you feel like hitting each other, you… Read more »


    We wont reach a “workable (solution)” because most people aren’t even going to approach the issue with a fraction of the nuance you two are. Give up.


    Caio: Well apparently there’s at least 2 of us.


    @...Caio: Caio, Caio, the quintessential optimist… 🙂 Nope. Can’t give up. Sorry. As Nyokki pointed out, there are at least two of us here, and I can guarantee there are more. And while our definition of fair may differ, she offered some excellent advice on ways to avoid having an interpersonal dispute descend into and abusive relationship that not everyone may have thought about. It’s all about baby steps… If we can make just one more person aware of the subconscious prejudices that they hold, and how to avoid the negative consequences, our boring you to death is a small,… Read more »

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