President Carter Vs Rabbit

President Carter Vs Rabbit

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    Rabbit wins! Operatin Eagle Claw anyone?


    Who let him off his peanut farm?


    Obama is Carter 2.0.


    And McCain is Bush 2.0. Point?


    We all can agree that Carter is much worse than Bush. Besides, it’s Carter’s fault that we’re in this financial mess right now.


    blah blah blah blah- all that article says is that carter pushed them to sell to minorities. according to your own link, clinton was to blame. You are a bad source of political information, and the only good coming from your incessant, inane prattle is that you are encouraging people to vote oppositely just to spite you.
    Wait. . . oh *I* get it. . . good show, sir- excellently executed long-troll. I nearly fell for it.


    diabeetus is going to vote for Obama. We get it, you can stop now.


    Hey, Diabeetus. Guess what we call someone who whines about the other party causing all the problems and refusing to take responsibility for the things they say?


    Congrats! Welcome. Will you be staying in Massachusetts?

    You’re a freaking idiot if you think that the financial crisis can be traced to one source, or even one party. BOTH of them are up to their necks in corruption, AS MUCH corruption. WE CONSUMERS bought too much crap on too much credit, and America has a really stupid dream that everyone should own a house and fight for whatever money they have like it’s secret leprechaun gold.


    Wait, where are the rest of the pictures?


    Sorry . I’m a BAD consumer. Very Un-American. I have no credit cards. I paid cash for my two trucks. I bought a house 8 years ago on a VA loan that was only twice my (then)annual net pay,and it was 40grand under what the VA was willing to extend me. I’m on track to kill that 30year note in only 15 years. I only make 35k a year, yet I’m not broke or crying like some in this city who say they can’t make it on 3 times what I pull in. “A mans got to know his limitations” Dirty Harry may have been talking about picking a fight with wrong badass, but hell works for the wallet too.


    on a lighter note, I didn’t know rabbits could swim. Gonna have to dig a bigger moat to make room for bunny eating catfish next to the man eating cows at the ranch house….

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