USS Entierprise 1701-C

USS Entierprise 1701-C

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    MY ship.
    Who likes it?
    Don’t be jelous.


    This is Excelsior Class. Like the Enterprise B

    The Enterprise C was an Ambassador class


    i’m not quite sure which is nerdier:
    having the engineering specs on a fictional piece of Star Wars equipment, or
    writing Star Wars fan-fiction.
    Any thoughts?


    Yeah, Tunafish is right, it even says 1701-B in the image at least 3 times.

    @elzarcothepale… it’s trek not wars boyee! but I would say fan fiction is nerdier, surpassed only by owning a English-Klingon, Klingon-English dictionary.


    nah, i’m pretty sure it’s wars.
    owning the dictionary, no. using the dictionary, yes. using the dictionary to write fan-fiction, you should sterilize your parents and kill yourself.


    I think the only time it is ok to use the dictionary is when you are making money with it, pure and simple. If not then you have nerds jumping down your throat because you screwed up one little thing.


    well, yeah- if you’re a legitimate paid writer for the franchise, then it’s just your job.


    goblin0: How about the fact that the bible has been translated into Klingon and been used for marriage ceremonies at various sci-fi conventions.


    I can be quite nerdy, and I’m proud of that.. The Enterprise-B was based off the failed initial design of the Excelsior when attempting to make transwarp work. The larger sections on the hull now make room for extra sensor pods, and in the case of the USS Lakota, extra armor.


    this is not captain kirks ship therefore it blows.
    original series or nothing (except maybe animated series)


    elzarcothepale: dude, if you cant tell the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek then you had no childhood

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