Thank You For Not Littering Your Mind

Thank You For Not Littering Your Mind


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    Can I ask a stupid question, what’s the difference between the cross and the fish. Don’t they both stand for Christianity


    Thousands of atheists marched in protest in Europe last weekend over a drawing of nobody with a bomb on his head.


    I thought that was a violent suicide bombing attack against abortion clinics? Hardly a march.


    Pretty sure the Jesus fish is for modern day Christians and the Cross is for Catholicism and Christianity.

    More info on the fish.

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster was not included in the trash can…How insulting.


    The fish is a pagan sign that Christians adopted it… but now the only difference is one is a fish and the other a stick… so Christians believe in fish-sticks.


    Ah, why that’s curious. Ha, ‘The Fish Mission’ so people take this whole fish thing seriously.
    I see, well all the Christians I know are strict Catholics, and none of them even heard of teh fish.


    Hey, wait a minute! Catholics aren’t Christians; they’re Catholic!


    I’ll stop littering when you stop trying to convert me.


    Fuck all of you.
    God made me an atheist.


    Namelis1: When did atheists ever bomb an abortion clinic?



    I dunno about abortion clinics but Chairman Mao and stalin killed a lot of people. Some argue that atheists have killed more than theists. Christian science monitor had a good Op-ed column on that


    thelotuseater725: Yeah, except they killed people because they were violent paranoid dictators, not because they didn’t think that Jesus loved them.

    The folks I was poking fun at (rioting over a cartoon) and the folks Namelis mentioned (killing doctors) did what they did ONLY because it’s what they thought god wanted them to do.

    Can we not have this same tired conversation here on MCS again? All I did was make a joke… Also, if the only thing keeping someone from killing me outright is a belief in god, I don’t really want them living in my community, ya know?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    All arguments of who killed more people should be represented as a percentage of the people alive on earth at the time.


    Chill dude, I was merely pointing out that a lack of religion does not equate to a lack of violence and crime. Here smoke some of this, It’s called sugar bear.


    By “merely pointing out lack of religion does not equate to a lack of violence” you mean claiming that atheists have killed more people than theists?


    Well then I’m going to make a claim that Nintendo DS is a horrible video game system by siting two unbelievably crappy games far outside the norm and use a Playstation Portable website to back up my claim.


    dieAntagonista: suicydking: Namelis1: Puulaahi: TheBleakranger:
    All of you retards go atheist or my GOD will kill all of you dipshits!


    Paul_Is_Drunk: I agree. Also, even if it could be proven that atheists killed more people than theist, the fine difference would be that atheists didn’t do it because of ‘one cause’.
    But that’s no way to judge anyway. You have to judge people individually. If you can’t judge other human beings individually, then you don’t deserve to be judged individually either.



    I hope ‘one cause’ makes sense. It’s far more dangerous when people are convinced their crimes will have a positive effect in the end because of some twisted logic, as compared to people who know what they’re doing is wrong.


    The fish was a symbol of the primitive christian groups often drawn in the catacombs, place in which they use to gather to celebrate the Eucharist.
    The fish was a symbol they use to express Jesus’ desire fo his followers to “fish” men.
    Nowadays more used amongthe evangelic groups rather than the Roman apostolic christians.
    Sybolism in christianity is very vast and complex, and you know the meaning you realize they have a lot of pagan shit.
    Anyways, “they’re all going to hell for not thinking for their own” thus spake Zarathustra


    10 points for quoting something from one of my favourite books.


    oh btw sorry for all my mistakes, my english is not very good and my keyboard is fucked up


    Take that fish and extrapolate the tail lines to finish the symbol. It’s much more potent than just a jesus thing; it’s an image of the holographic universe. (Infinite Outerspace overlapping Infinite Innerspace forming Maya in the middle) Maybe.


    Oh man the christians have stolen so many traditions and symbols from the pagans it isn’t even funny.

    Did you actually read what i said? I said ” some people argue that atheism has killed more people” i didn’t say ” ZOMG ATHEISTS HAVE KILLED MORE PEOPLE.” I mean to even argue that one side kills more than the other would send you into philosophical debate from hell. I am just so goddamned tired of smug assholes acting like their belief is the correct and perfect way acting like atheism is a portal to some pie in the sky utopia without murder and assorted crimes, and don’t get me wrong christians are just as bad.

    The thing i don’t get is that when an atheist dude goes off and kills someone it is “because he is crazy” but when a religious person kills someone it’s “because they are religious”. I mean does it really fucking matter “why” he killed someone? Isn’t safe to assume he is an asshole regardless of his belief?
    It doesn’t matter weather a person is religious or not, if they are willing to kill in the name of belief be it religious or not THEY ARE GOING TO FUCKING KILL. That is why you have these christian fuckheads killing Other fuckheads who make money of of killing children and fetuses in the womb. That is why you get crazy dogmatic atheists who literally beat the shit out of christians for their beliefs or for even suggesting that there is a god. And that strict adherence to ANY BELIEF is what causes things like abortion clinic bombings and tand crazy assholes like Sam Harris who suggest that “some propositions are so dangerous that it may even be ethical to kill people for believing them” That is why i had to leave my catholic school for getting beat up over being protestant. That is why i had to leave the atheist movement after getting my ass handed to me on a silver platter for saying “well there is some good evidence that god might exist”

    So who is the real monster? The belief system that creates one to coming to a violent conclusion? Or is is it the person who carries out the violent conclusion?


    As I understand it, the fish actually predates the cross as the religious symbol for Christianity…


    Yeah, this thread turned out more or less as I was expecting it to.

    Anyway Phyreblade is right: Back when Jesus was almost entirely portrayed as a youthful, short-haired shepherd or fisherman, the fish was a discrete symbol meaning “church here”; in Roman times churches had to be secretive and were often in basements and people’s houses and stuff. Crosses started popping up a bit later, after Christianity went aboveground. Most of the modern Christian symbolism (bearded, long-haired guy on the cross, etc) comes from ca. 500-700

    Brevity Truta

    An officious sign, isn’t it?

    On the fish, to add another layer on the symbol as well as the fisher of men stuff, it’s (easier to quote to explain): “The Greek word for fish, ichthus, is an acrostic consisting of the initial letters of five more Greek words, which briefly but clearly described the character of Christ and His claim to the worship of believers: ‘Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter’ which translates as ‘Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour’.”

    Brevity Truta

    Heheh, Which was in Puulaahi’s link way back when, reading over the whole thread =)


    Speaking of Greco-latin names for Jesus, Christopher Columbus often signed his name Xp Ferens, or “Christ bearer” in the two tongues. If you ever want an interesting read, try Columbus’ “Livro de Profecias”


    where all the black women at?


    Xpo Ferens, rather. Type-o.

    Another fun fact: in fourteenth century Portuguese, ‘Christians’ was typically rendered ‘Xpaaõs’ or something along those lines, but pronounced ‘Cristãos’

    I love the Christogram (xp’s technical name). It’s one of those things that, for a thousand years, was so common people didn’t even think about it. And then, one day, it just vanished.


    Touched a nerve, did I?

    I think you have a case of extremism. One man points out an abortion bombing, you counter with mass genocide that happened to be carried out by those without religion, not directly because of it.

    I point out this extremism without bringing up the topic of atheism, you go off on “atheistic beliefs.”

    Also: “Atheist movement?” O_o? You had to leave the “atheist movement?” What, the one started in ancient Greece, or the more continual non-practice of religion throughout the years?

    I’m calling bullshit. Do you still have your member card? 😛

    Atheists are about as organized as people who don’t vote form political parties.


    check this awesome documentary about really scary christians:


    Secularist =/= Atheist

    Read the first paragraph. Or read the first line of the second. Hell, read anything on that site you linked.


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