Shot Up 360

Shot Up 360

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    well if it wasn’t busted before it sure is now.


    Its about time. That hunk of shit got what was coming to it.



    Would be cool as hell if that was a working 360 and this was just a case mod.


    your right .. let me go buy 2 360;s and shoot up one of them


    who hasnt wated to do that to their 360 at some point


    turn it on, i bet it RRoD’s


    I approve of this image.


    I love my 360, but my PC will always win out when it comes to gaming.


    Jim’s mom RRoD’d the other night.


    I own a 360(broken & in need of repair) and I fucking hate it! Great games though.


    They have great games, but man do they ever have some fucking problems. Melting the discs, 3 red lights of death, breaking disks in half, etc…


    Now, if this was a N64, I would bet it would still run. ( Seriously though, my N64 has been through hell and back, almost literally, and still runs. )

    Xbox 360? Shit, shit, and more shit. In this day and age, I think consoles are overrated and redundant. I’ll stick with my PC, especially when a console costs more than a PC these days it seems.


    With all that extra ventilation it shouldn’t RRoD anymore.

    bright green

    PC gamers are fucking retards with hunch backs.

    That poor 360.

    Alec Dalek

    Tardex: Melting disks? The laser is just a light, it’s not a pulse laser. And how could it possibly break? There’s not enough clearance in the tray to allow it to bend enough to reach the breaking point. And even if these issues were happening, it would be happening on all platforms. The 360 uses a standard DVD drive (I know, I’ve flashed one). The only actual disc issue is the one where if you tilt the console while a disc is in the drive, it can damage the disk. But again, that is true of any optical drive.


    PC gamers are fucking retards? We’re not the ones who think Halo revolutionized FPSs. We’ve been playing much better FPSs since the mid 90s. Consoles FTL.

    Luke Magnifico

    Like what, Doom?

    Be serious. This is a serious discussion.

    I am frowning now.

    Frown frown frown.


    Y’all postin’ in a troll thread.


    Halo = most overrated game franchise of all time, especially 2 & 3.


    This should be in the NSFW thread. Lol

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