sarah palin with vikings

sarah palin with vikings

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    Stuff like this scares the shit out of me.


    Family reunion?

    Luke Magnifico

    Whelp, you know how those vikings love rape…


    This is real?


    Needs more vikings.

    The Ameristapo

    If she didn’t pay them tribute by attending their conventions, they’d rape everyone in Alaska.


    Alaskan successionists.


    What group is this? She looks more like the guest of honor than a member.


    The vikings never had horns on their helmets. There are no vikings in this pic, nor anyone even dressed like a viking. And the plunder and rapine Vikings enjoyed is a bit different from rape. As I see it, rape is done on the home front; rapine in someone elses land. A subtle difference.


    Our next vice-president!!!


    dude, ‘beetus? i just went to the site you have linked to your name.
    I just read the transcripts to all the videos and the word choice alone made me cringe, let alone the over-the-top fear mongering.
    You know why McCain is losing this election? Because of his choices on the campaign trail.
    He campaigned poorly.
    Stupid, smarmy, over-the-top campaign ads are *supposed* be annoy the crap out of ALL of us, regardless of what side we vote for- especially people who spend their time on the internet, where any bi-partisan fact checking you could want or need is 2 seconds away.
    Why in gods name would you play the part of the propaganda machine rather than just quote facts with sources? Or, in this case, link your name to website that had the facts you wanted to point out all lined up for people?

    I’m just so disappointed that a fellow denizen of the internet would fail like this.


    I was watching the presidential debates and McCain said he was watching baseball and he saw a commercial.

    This makes me feel that McCain is an everyman like myself. He’s got my support.


    this is a large part of her foreign policy experience. ruskies to the left of me- vikings to my right…

    all that fur is real, btw. it’s Alaska. they celebrate the fur trade.


    Caio: LOL!


    To Valhalla with Palin! Ay!


    Every website is required to have one repub representative who’s rhetoric inevitably hurts the party by pissing people off by being simplistic and antagonistic. Worked damn well years ago when “us vs them” was the national narrative, but right now it’s like shooting holes in a sinking ship. Of all the websites I go to however, Diabeetus is definitely up there as far as crazy and antagonistic.

    The helmet things annoys me to, but what can you do? It’s like the kilts in Braveheart. (inb4 but they had kilts back then, because the movie said so?)


    If they were real vikings, those women would be in the KITCHEN!


    D’awh, a bunch of whack jobs with their queen whack job.


    I think there is actually a cult of people in America who think they’re vikings and venerate dead celebrities…

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