Fallout 3 is out!

Fallout-3-e32k6-poster.jpg (53 KB)

When I walked out of the vault – I pooped my pants.

game of the year.

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    hook me up with a good torrent


    go fucking buy it.
    While i am not against pirating, i think people should still pay for good games.
    My copy arrives tomorrow i can’t wait.


    Games are one of the only things I don’t pirate. I pirate movies, and old albums. Any new albums I like I buy, but if it’s not in the shops, I’ll download it. I’m weird like that.

    Unfortunately, I never have any money for games. Last one I bought was C&C3.


    I am seriously not interested in this series, so excuse me as I 1 Star this.


    I agree with Dreth, although my lack of interest is based in a lack of knowledge, so I ain’t gonna rate.


    If you knew about it, you’d be interested, I assure you.

    I had intended to pirate it. But the torrents were taking too long, and I didn’t have the patience. Well worth the money, and the fact that now I have to eat off of a dollar menu, and go hungry for a day.

    A worthy sacrifice in my book.


    Would love to play it. I bet the graphics will look stellar.


    Kaze: I played Fallout II once. Was amazingly disappointed.


    played #1 years ago and loved it. Didnt know there was a #2 til I saw that 3 had come out. guess Ill go get 2


    Well, I’ve never played any in this series, but pre-ordered 3 as my Fiance’s birthday present. Saw a special on G4 about it yesterday…the plot seems interesting enough.


    dude… why do you have to be such a tool??

    piracy is actually taking it from someone, in other words stealing it…. does it looks like im stealing ?? nooo because the same shitface u uploaded still has it.. so it means it’s copying … wow we all learned something today 🙂

    btw i dont spend 1 cent on a single player game i only buy for multi


    Piracy: 1: an act of robbery on the high seas ; also : an act resembling such robbery
    2: robbery on the high seas
    3 a: the unauthorized use of another’s production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright b: the illicit accessing of broadcast signals

    Just by having unauthorized “ownership” of a commercially distributed product you’re being a pirate. Don’t try to justify your idiocy.

    Just admit you steal and be done with it.


    I really hate that stupid 1950’s music in the game. Totally ruins it.


    Bethesda ruined it just like i expected. It’s an empty shell. Sure, the shell is very pretty. The graphics are extravagant but the substance, the soul and most of what made Fallout 1 and 2 so great are gone. I have no desire to play a first person shooter or a bastardized first person rpg. What was wrong with the isometric view huh? This is just a big graphics-beast that requires too much computer. A dead fish with lipstick. Fuck Bethesda and fuck the world.


    seriously the internet is too serious for you there is a saying as your parents used to say if you dont have nothing good to say shut up 😉

    PS: when someone’s pay for a product they have ownership and clearly he can do what ever he pays for.. stop having 2 much american government stuck up your ass lol


    This game is worth buying, support Bethesda, they busted their asses putting out a quality game.


    the only thing that seams wierd is the “FOV” (field of view)
    the position of the gun is kinda wierd abroad from the other fps i usually play, somehow doesnt this game give you a bioshock feeling ?



    When you buy a product, most of the time you will read that by acquiring said product “you agree not to…. etc”, and all modern software has that little thing. It’s called a “license agreement”.

    Y’know the one that you never read and just click “Next”?

    There’s nothing “American” about it, idiotic mongrel. I’m not even american for that matter. But unlike you, I’m not trying to justify pirating games with sorry excuses, if I pirate it then it’s because I wanted to, no other bullshit reason to try and sound “reasonable”.



    The day I want to hear what a 13 year old thinks about copyright law is the day I blow off my fucking balls.

    tiki god

    I think you’re missing a basic point of those “agreements”.

    they’re not worth the pixels they’re printed on. if you don’t physically sign a contract, it’s nothing more then internet vapor, so you can really do whatever you’d like with it.


    It doesn’t require you to physically sign it, it says that by “Clicking I agree” you…well, pretty much agree to abide by whatever’s stated in that license agreement.

    And Tiki, that’s a pretty weak argument, that just because it’s on the internet, anyone’s *allowed* to just grab it. That’s like saying you’re allowed to grab a bottle of Gatorade and walk out the store with it just because it’s there, on display.

    I’m not being all anti-piracy mind you, I’ve downloaded stuff (haven’t in a while though) but the least you could do when you illegally obtain something is to at least acknowledge it and not come up with half-assed excuses. Be mature about it.

    The Lawnmower

    Everyone went on about how great Oblivion was but Oblivion was terrible.

    I’m not falling for this shit again.

    All opinions of the game seem to either take the form ‘Brilliant 11/10,’ or the form ‘It’s Oblivion with guns and it’s bad for the same reasons that Oblivion was bad.’ I’m going to trust the latter opinions, quite frankly.

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