Minority Report HID

Minority Report HID

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    Blech, I just threw up in my mouth. Regurgitated sweet and sour pork is yucky.


    Oh yes Tom does that to people. I have never tasted sweet and sour pork though.


    One of the coolest movies ever.


    Oh, you’re missing out. I make my own and use a fair amount of vinegar.


    Aw I haven’t eaten any meat in a couple of years now. It will have to wait until some unholy moment of temptation in the future.
    But it does sound good.


    I did the gluten-free diet for almost a ear trying to get my Ps and PsA under control (along w/ my blood sugar). It seemed to help at first then, for some reason, I flared and it stopped working. Finding gluten-free foods was a bit of a nightmare.




    Nyokki, I’m a vegetarian of long-standing and I do believe the red meat is not good for middle-aged white guys, but the whole gluten-free thing has me mystified. Is gluten bad for me?


    @AKircher: Nyokki, I’m a vegetarian of long-standing and I do believe the red meat is not good for middle-aged white guys… A Vegetarian Diet Shrinks the Brain According to a new study, vegetarians and vegans are six times more likely to suffer from brain shrinkage than meat eaters. The link was discovered after scientists at Oxford University ran memory tests, physical checks and brain scans on 107 people between the ages of 61and 87, and then retested them five years later. Researchers speculate the loss of brain mass in vegetarians and vegans is due to a deficiency of Vitamin B12,… Read more »

    The Ameristapo

    The Hell, diabeetus. Here we have ourselves a perfectly resonable conversation about gluten and you come to ruin everything. Civility is so rare on the Web and you have to piss on it.

    And entirely unrelated, but seeing as we’re on a tangent here anyways: first comment. I feel so speical to have finally registered.


    well played sir


    Gluten is not the friendliest thing to the body. I generally eat low gluten/lowish carb because I have more energy that way.

    I recently had blood work done and my blood sugar came back pre-diabetic but I eat really well so I’m not sure what to make of that. I’m going to get retested in case it’s a fluke.


    im completely gluten free and yea its a pain in the ass but for people like me who have celiac disease its either cut out all gluten or be miserable with pain and various other icky consequences.. the shape of the gluten protein damages the lining of the intestine and causes numerous auto-immune issues anything from diarrhea to constant joint pain


    I know a few people who have Crohn’s as well as Ps and PsA and some w/ celiacs, many of them have gone gluten-free w/ mixed results. I have had no bad effects after stopping it. Of course, I still go low-carb. My last A1C was 5.7%, so I’m doing well.


    i was watching some discovery channel dealie that talked about a severely reduced calorie diet actually improving brain function, including the senses- of course this wasn’t a veggie diet- it was, however perfectly balanced nutritionally. anyway, i can’t be bothered to look it up again, but the show also covered how your body will actually begin to crave items that you would normally find repulsive or hard to stomach, like fish fins, if you are starving. What I thought was interesting was not that a starving guy would eat everything but the bones, but that the nasty stuff you normally… Read more »


    Just imagine him as crazy as he was on oprah and that news show about add/adhd, and put the blade rave song to it…awww yeah…


    Turn into pussy vegetarians, that’ll mean more meat for me, so I don’t mind.


    As I understand it, the brain needs carbs. No carbs, no brains. Certainly if I could simply stop eating any and all carbs, I wouldn’t need insulin anymore. But, that’s never been offered as an option. According to my endocrinologist I need carbs.


    @nyokki: Thanks for the fuller explanation. That makes sense…


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