Toasted Head and Orangina

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On a recent trip to the super market, these two items caught me by surprise.

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    Whats the problem with Orangina?

    That’s just the French version of orange juice and sparkling water.


    Don’t see anything worth snapping a picture of and posting in any of them. Well, okay, with a rather long stretch you can read some vague innuendo into the names ( Orangina more than the other one ). Still, there’s no accounting for dirty minds.

    And Orangina rocks.


    Is that bear puking birds or rose petals?


    AliceH: ….flames.


    When did Orangina come to the states? I love that stuff.


    Don’t know when. I didn’t notice it ’til I saw it in the fridge of a friend locally. Looked for it at Kroger and found it pretty easy. But I don’t have a clue how long they’ve carried it.


    pink flames? I can guess what demographic that wine’s marketed to…


    Orangina has been available in the US since the late ’80s, if memory serves.

    Mix it with some vodka and you have a sparkling screw.


    Oranginas been in the states for quite some time now, i know it is all over new jersey and every other market in south carolina carries it.


    I guess I wasn’t looking that hard. I shouldn’t drink the stuff anyway.


    AliceH: Pink? Are you colorblind? They’re orange and red. Mostly orange, though.


    Is there such a thing as pink-orange colorblindness?


    Orangina can be found in import stores mainly. Least I think. I see it in World Market, and my favorite little mom and pop import store.

    However, I was much to distracted over the can of ‘spotted dick’ than I was over the Orangina. I’m going to have to post pictures of that stuff. . .


    Is it really true that orangina, which we in the NY/NJ/CT region have been rhyming with vagina for decades is unknown in other parts of the country?

    It makes me wonder what delicious products are available elsewhere that I am not familiar with?

    I remember my sister drinking a lot of Mello Yello on a trip back in 1986.


    the_fascist_rabbit: In France during the 70s they had Orangina and Citro-something (lemon-lime version of Orangina) and I loved that stuff. I was allowed 1 a week along w/ some sort of cookie w/ dark chocolate. I just remember thinking it was heaven. The combo just worked…taste-wise.


    I love oringina, but it is hard to find in big bottles. Typically we pronounce it Orange-eena… doesnt rhyme with vagina.



    Um, years back. They had it in a Kroger in the MIDDLE OF FRICKIN’ GEORGIA five years ago.

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