Meaningful Graffiti…

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…or not

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    Ignoring for the moment the addition at the bottom…

    Yeah, I’m sure that the wall of a shithouse stall is EXACTLY where Jesus would want his word spread! Seriously, though, do people honestly thing ANYONE has converted to Christianity because of something written on a bathroom wall? ( Or, say, a Jack Chick flier sitting on the urinal….or in it after I spot ’em. :p )

    Luke Magnifico

    @Tyger42: You are a very silly man.


    @ Tyger42: This isnt a Bible verse, douche. It’s a 12 step mantra. I don’t think Jesus ever said those words, but maybe he’ll chime in here……


    elitist fuck. go listen to fall out boy.

    purple banana

    @Tyger42: I love reading Chick Tracts… That creepy black haired guy with the John Waters moustache? I think he’s homosexual…

    It seems whenever I go to 6 Flags in NJ, I always find Chick Tracts laying around the ride waiting lines… Is that a heavily Christian part of the state? I wouldn’t know…


    I smell my farts all the time. What does that mean?


    Its the serenity prayer, attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr, which is a variation on a common prayer from the 15th century. It iirc has been used by the American AA since the 40’s.

    In case anyone was actually interested.


    Did anyone else notice that the Date on the original is exactly two years before the day it was posted here?