Al Franken NRSC Mailer in Minnesota

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My cousin in Minnesota recently got this pamphlet from the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) in the mail- addressed to his six year old son:

“Come on in, kids… Senator Franken’s going to tell a few jokes!”
“We shouldn’t have to be ashamed of Minnesota’s senator!”
Al Franked tackled a [sic] protestor at a political rally- and bragged about it
“We shouldn’t have to wonder what he will say…”
Al Franken wrote a pornographic column in Playboy- and thought it was funny.
“We shouldn’t have to apologize for his actions…”
Al Franken has written so-called comedy routines about raping women.
Al Franken: A bad example for our kids; completely unfit for public office

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    A new low?


    Well hells, those are the very sort of things that’d make me want to vote for him.


    I still remember Franken from SNL. So vote for me…Al Franken.


    This story sounds way sketchy: how would those eeeeevil Republican operatives get the name of any 6 year old kid, who isn’t on any voter rolls or mailing lists (except maybe “Ranger Rick” or “Highlights for Children”)


    These don’t look good for him at all, but some context would be nice.

    On a political pamphlet, though? Fat chance.


    lol children look up to senators as their examples for behavior not celebrities or professional athletes


    The examples the pamphlet gives make him sound better than the current office holders…


    Coleman is a slimy, party switching, out for himself, Bush lapdog.

    Vote Zombie Wellstone.