Whale Waste

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I don’t know what happened… the page was in russian, so if anyone here speaks russian, I would like and explanation!

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    I’d presume that what happened is a whale blew up.


    Poor thing.


    Oh man this happened years ago. I believe it was in japan or korea. Supposedly the body washed up on shore and it had sat there for a few days until some scientists decided to haul it off the their lab. In the middle of transport all of the gases that were building up from decomposition decided to make an exit all over the city. Imagine the smell.


    From the characters, it definitely isn’t Korea. It’s probably Japan or China. I’m leaning more towards China.


    Jesus that is brutal. I wonder how old that animal was. It is huge. Crazy.

    Billy Manic

    I like to think the scooter drove through it.


    Billy Manic: Yes! Everyone knows the best way to enter a scene is to drive a vehicle through or out of something. In this case, whale.


    I can’t even begin to imagine how bad that smelled


    way to troll, Flickerdart…


    That must have been so nasty. Could you imagine the smell that would have stuck around for weeks?

    bright green

    The driver must have been shitting himself with laughter.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    It’d be nice if you actually linked the page you were talking about.


    The smell. I imagine it.


    i know how bad it smelled- i ran across a dead whale beached at Cape Alava in Washington. WOW- it was SOOO nasty! i almost puked.


    It’s like smelling really bad breath times 10…


    Next time you think your job sucks, think of the people like the one in the 3rd picture who had to clean this shit up.


    Lakiamia: But the money you would make doing this would take away all that stress. People hate their jobs because they get paid very little and have to do so much.


    wonder how the car and scooter owners explained the cleanup bills to their insurance companies?


    SumoSnipe: Your a fool to think that any respectable insurance company would even consider that their responsibility. It’s your bike, clean it off.

    Darth Vasya

    I’m sure no one will believe me, so I don’t know why even I’m posting this, but:
    I fucked this.

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